Nvidia’s GTX 980Ti is much cheaper than expected

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It’s Computex this week, and all eyes are square on Nvidia and AMD to see who’s going to make the biggest splash over the next few months with new GPUs. AMD is hogging the spotlight somewhat with its answer to Nvidia’s blossoming Maxwell range – and the team in green isn’t having it any longer. Before the show could even start, Nvidia have revealed details of their GTX 980Ti – including a very low price.

And I say low with regards to the extreme performance you’re going to be getting. The DirectX 12 ready GTX 980Ti will be on shelves tomorrow in select markets, boasting 6GB of GDDR5 RAM over a 384-bit memory interface (identical to the Titan X, although with less memory). The card will feature a standard 1000MHz clock speed, with a boost reaching 1047MHz. The memory clock stays at the relatively low level of 7GHz – which will most likely be able to reach much higher with little tweaking.

That’s all coupled with the GM200 chip, which features 2816 CUDA Cores, 176 texture mapping units and 96 ROPs. That’s just a touch less on the CUDA Cores of the Titan X, but again identical in every other regard. You’ll get one DVI port, one HDMI port and three DisplayPorts, with a 8+6 pin power connector running the card at a low 250W TDP. The biggest difference comes in the price. While the Titan X retails for a whopping $999, the GTX 980Ti will launch at an unexpectedly low $649. That’s only $100 more than what the GTX 980 launched at – with a remarkable boost in both speed and memory.

This puts to rest rumours of a price floating around the $800 mark, and there’s no doubt Nvidia really want to get the jump on AMD and their Fiji card with this. Early benchmarks place the GTX 980Ti ahead of the Titan X in terms of performance – even at higher than 1080p resolutions. It’s still not enough to get smooth 60FPS at max visual settings in 4K – but there isn’t a single card solution that gets close to that yet.


What you will get, however, is a card that is all sorts of overkill for 1080p gaming, and even so for double that. This is Nvidia’s new flagship until they presumably reveal their Pascal range – which is rumoured to be their first with High-Bandwidth or stacked Memory. That’s going to be AMDs silver bullet this year, but it doesn’t exactly do much for the majority of gamers running 1080p and lower right now.

The GTX 980Ti, comparatively, does – and it’s going to take an extremely well priced AMD flagship to stand up to it.

Last Updated: June 1, 2015

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