Oculus Rift founder thinks VR will replace TV

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In 2025, Johan stemmet will look exactly the same.  Is he related to Riaan Cruywagen?

I’m cautiously optimistic about the new virtual reality revolution. I’ve had some eyeballs-on time with the Rift, and while it wasn’t quite there it was an interesting experience. With Sony set to introduce its own virtual reality headset targeted at its consoles, maybe this time the fad will actually catch on. Oculus rift founder Palmer Luckey believes it’ll do more than just catch on. In the future, he posits, it will replace TV’s entirely.

“I think there’s almost no way that traditional displays will be around in a couple decades because it just won’t be feasible,” Luckey said in a video interview transcribed by the folks at Gamespot.

“Why in the world would you buy a 60? TV that even if it were dirt cheap, for that, it’s still going to cost a lot to ship it and make it from raw materials? A VR headset is going to be much better and much cheaper and you can take it anywhere.”

On the surface, in some sort of reality what he says does make a little sense – for solitary people. Factor in people with families, and you’ll end up having to buy a $300 VR headset for every member of the family.

Watching things on VR also removes any social aspect of it; you and your spouse wouldn’t be able to cuddle up on the couch to watch that episode of Game of Thrones where that one beloved character gets killed (spoiler?).  Nor would you be able to fill out your morning crossword while munching on a breakfast croissant half-watching that twit Grant Hinds talk rubbish on Espresso. Just kidding, nobody does that anyway.

Imagine though, watching the most arbitrary TV filler in 3D VR? Yeah, it’s not happening.

Last Updated: April 16, 2014

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