Outlast 2 is coming to soil your underwear

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I am the furthest thing from a fan of horror titles. That’s why I’ll never even think of touching Outlast, and smugly believe I’d be able to fall asleep peacefully at night. I have gathered that Outlast is a pretty incredible game for people who love to kak themselves, so I’m assuming news of a sequel is just the jump scare you needed on a Friday.

Developers Red Barrel Games have revealed Outlast 2, which will be a direct follow-up to the independently-created horror hit. The sequel will take players away from the real-life Mount Massive Asylum, featuring a brand new cast of characters and a new setting for you to lose your mind in. I’m guessing that means there will also be a new brand of psychologically damaging characters for you to run away from.

The game seems to be really early in development, with very few gameplay details being offered up just yet. Red Barrels co-founder Philippe Morin did, however, say they are building a game that they are even afraid to play.

We really want to keep on improving our craft, but ultimately we’ll approach things the same way we did with the first game, which was to make a game we’re scared to play ourselves and trust our instinct.

Outlast debuted on PC last year, after which is grabbed the hearts and minds of horror fans everywhere. That lead to launches on PS4, and Xbox One earlier this year, which propelled the game even higher. It seems that Red Barrel have set themselves an extremely high bar to top, but they’re also the perfect team to try and best it.

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Sadly, I’ll never man up enough to see Outlast through. Although I am open to the idea of recording a let’s play with Darryn and having bets open as to who requires new underwear first. Any takers?

Last Updated: October 24, 2014

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