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The PlayStation 4.5 is real, says Eurogamer

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Recent rumours, unearthed by Kotaku, suggested that Sony was developing an upgraded PlayStation 4. The machine, those rumours said, would enable the PlayStation to play games in glorious 4K, and feature a more powerful GPU.

Eurogamer has “independently established that it’s real,” adding that the internal codename – the one being bandied about y most – is PlayStation 4K.

In their lengthy report, Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry outlines the changes that could be made to the PlayStation 4, what APU might be employed and discusses whether or not it’s really viable. They’ve surmised, as we did, that it would take significantly more computational power than is currently available to run games at a native 4K that look like the games we currently enjoy on the system.

“Everything we’ve heard positions PlayStation 4K as a machine capable of playing current and next-generation ultra HD media, while also offering support for other aspects of the 4K spec, such as high-dynamic range and a wider colour gamut – aspects of the 4K spec that could be introduced to gaming,” it states. “However, in terms of additional computational power, we’ve got be realistic about what Sony can deliver with a mid-generation refresh.

“We can say that with some degree of certainty because PlayStation 4K will almost certainly use an evolved version of the APU technology used in the current console. Once again we will see semi-custom versions of AMD’s CPU and GPU technology integrated into a single, console-friendly processor, and thanks to the firm’s openness with its technology roadmaps, we have a good idea of the base building blocks Sony has access to in building its next PlayStation.

“Knowledge of both of these areas, along with the idea that the device has to fit into a console form-factor, not to mention the compatibility required with the existing PlayStation 4, narrows the amount of options Sony has available significantly.”

The next question that needs asking, of course, is whether or not those who’ve already bought a PlayStation 4 will end up with the short end of the stick. The Ps4 as its stands isn’t exactly upgradeable. Would its mid-generational refresh be available through some sort of trade-in program, or would existing owners have to buy the system anew to take advantage of whatever new hardware is to be found in the PlayStation 4K?

Last Updated: March 24, 2016

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