Pokémon are fleeing more frequently in Pokémon GO’s latest bug

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Pokemon are fleeing more in Pokemon Go's latest bug 2

In an increasing number of problems plaguing the addictive Pokémon hunting smartphone titles, developers Niantic now have a bigger, more pressing issue to deal with. While they wrangle the slight PR nightmare they find themselves in after removing tracking and third-party support entirely from Pokémon Go, Niantic now are hurrying to fix a more fundamental issue. A bug that is forcing Pokémon to escape far more frequently.

What some players thought was simply a result of rebalancing Niantic has confirmed as an issue with the game, with weaker Pokémon taking far more Pokéballs than normal to capture. Worse yet is that the flee rate has also been affected, meaning captures of stronger, more rare Pokémon are now an even more sweat inducing affair than in the past. Niantic are working on it as fast as they can, with an update not too far off hopefully.

It does however add to the growing list of headaches players are being forced to deal with, which already include a now completely luck-based hunting experience that is worsened by the exponential experience curves that the game throws at you at higher levels. Pokémon GO has an undeniably incredible first month, but the frequency at which Niantic seems to be losing their grip on things is a little troubling. They’ve promised the return of tacking soon while combating bugs like these, but the patience of players is wearing thin.

It’s worse still when you consider that this bug affects non-playing players in particular, given that Pokéballs are tied to in-game transactions. A rare commodity at the best of times, having Pokémon flee more easily just means players are wasting more of this precious resource for no reward – unless they decide to cough up some dough to buy a bunch extra. It’s why so many simply thought Niantic had become a little greedy with balancing, tipping the scales in the paying favour.

And it’s perceptions like these that are dangerous to the future of Pokémon GO, as players start slipping away after being unable to deal with its shortcomings any longer. I’m not personally at that stage yet, but I feel it coming soon.

Last Updated: August 5, 2016

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