Pokémon Go will only feature the original 151 Pokémon according to leaks

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Well that was quick. Pokémon Go sounds like an intriguing idea from Nintendo and their newfound lust for mobile space domination. It’s Pokémon, but in a harsh new environment fraught with peril and assorted obstacles: The real world. Gaaaagghhh. Since that initial teaser trailer however, Nintendo has kept mum on just what kind of a game Pokemon Go actually is.

But not even the tightest of lips can stop a few leaks. Thanks to the recent Japanese field test, new details of Pokemon Go have flooded Reddit, detailing features, the number of Pokémon present and microtransactions. Redditer Juxlos collated all the information, revealing that only the first generation of 151 Pokémon would be present in the mobile adaptation, although all 18 Pokémon types would be present as these critters have had new sub-types added to them since the Dark, Steel and Fairy categories were added to the core game.

As for those ever present in-app purchases, microtransactions for medicine, balls, food and gem packs were spotted. Here’s a list of said features from the location test, copied and pasted over from the source:

Poke squirtle

  • There are 151 Pokémon data files in the game. All are the original Gen I Pokemon, unfortunately. Classed into normal, legendary, and mythic.
  • 232 moves, 95 of which are ‘quick’ moves. These include moves that are not in the game in the original RBY games e.g.Moonblast. THERE MAY BE 2 MOVES PER POKEMON (Warning: this is not directly confirmed, only implied.)
  • Someone found a dodge function. Moves may not have 100% accuracy.
  • Badges = Achievements. Includes: Walking a certain distance (Ingress Trekker), Pokedex entries, Pokemon Captures, Forts(Gyms?) defeated (Ingress Liberator?), Evolved, Hatched, Encounters, Pokestops visited(Ingress Hacker?), Unique Pokestops(Ingress Explorer), Pokeball thrown.
  • 7 “natures” have been discovered in the game. These are Stoic, Guardian, Assassin, Raider, Protector, Sentry, and Champion.
  • All Pokemon types, including Fairy, Dark, and Steel, are included in the files.
  • Evolution works by collecting “evolution shards” from wild Pokemon to get “evolution stones”. May or may not be unique for each Pokemon.
  • The game keeps track of several factors like Ingress, including distance walked, eggs hatched, etc. This might affect, say, egg-hatching.
  • There will be trainer customization. Example skin. There are in total 52 items (23,328 unique combinations)
  • A variable related to the PokeNav has been found.
  • IAPs spotted include “ball”, “medicine”, “food” bundles and “gem” packs. There are 4 tiers.
  • Items include Pokeballs, Potions, Max Revive, 3 battle items, and 5 types of Berries (Razz, Bluk, Nanab, Pinap, Wepear). All these berries are introduced in Gen III, and they have no battle effects in the main game. Separated into 6 categories:Pokeball, Food(berries?), Medicine, Boost, Utilities, Camera.
  • The trainer level cap seems to be at 50 for now. Inventory limit is 1000 for items, and 500 for Pokemon and eggs.
  • The menu includes the /u/DonniesCatch) can be found, including locations like “Train Station” or “Hospital”. Separate biomes seem to have different backgrounds for Pokemon encounters/gym battles. March 30, 2016

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