Razer’s latest mouse mat has more lighting than the average Lenasia racer

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Technology of today is truly amazing. Accessible virtual reality is here, printers can spit out actual 3D models, and yes, thanks to Razer, mouse pads now light up. Check out their newest toy, the Firefly – a mouse mat that has the usual gaming grade surface, but also happens to hide a casual 16.8 million customizable colour options within its body too.

Here’s a snippet from the official press release (via Game Informer), along with the reveal video:

Razer™, a leader in connected devices and software for gamers, today announced the release of the Razer Firefly, the first hard gaming mouse mat with Razer’s Chroma lighting feature. The Chroma feature adds 16.8 million color options and numerous customizable lighting effects to the mouse mat, including reactive, wave and spectrum cycling.

Razer Firefly has lighting along its left, right and bottom borders and can sync up with other Chroma enabled Razer devices for virtually limitless color combinations.

It really does look all kinds of pretty, I won’t deny that. Keyboards, mice, and PC cases (and their insides) have been illuminated for years now. I guess it was only a matter of time before the trusty mouse pad got the same treatment.

Why would you need one though? Here’s what Min-Liang (the CEO and co-founder of Razer) had to say:

“The Razer Firefly opens up a new category for the Chroma family. We’ve designed the Razer Firefly with the best components for a gaming mouse mat, along with the new, fully-customizable Chroma lighting. No one said you can’t win with style.”

I suppose that’s true. What gamer wouldn’t want to have bling flashing from their table while they pwn noobs online or at their local LAN? Count me in Razer. How much do you want for this awesome piece of tech? Oh, only $59.99/74.99€? Cool, let me go sell a kidney real quick.

That asking price is a tad steep for my liking. What do you reckon though? Would you buy the Razor Firefly, or will a piece of paper continue to serve as your mouse pad of choice?

Last Updated: May 22, 2015

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