Razer’s modular PC concept is both beautiful and bananas

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One of the best things about a PC is that it’s upgradeable. If you’re a tinkerer, there’s no greater joy than opening up your case and shoving in a newly acquired bit of hardware and then benchmarking your games instead of actually playing them. If you’re not the sort who likes to fiddle though, upgrading is a daunting task. Razer’s new concept PC makes it all a much more elegant and streamlined process – by making the thing modular.

Called Project Christine, the concept would allow just about anybody to build and upgrade their own PC, very nearly automatically and on-the-fly, without having to know the slightest thing about how computers actually work. You won’t even have to unscrew a single side panel, as everything just about slides in and synchs automatically through the magic of PCI express.

It’s more a rack than a traditional PC tower, and would allow users to throw in up to four inter-connected GPUs, multiple SSD and RAID drives, cooling units, control panels, input and output modules and a whole other whack of odd accessory. Of course, the big drawback here is you’d have to use Razer’s branded components, sacrificing the open nature of PC components, and also paying that Razer premium.

You can read more about Christine at Razer’s site, and get a better understanding of how it might work by watching the video below. It’s sexy as hell, but if it is all as proprietary as it seems, it would be doomed before it began.


Last Updated: January 8, 2014

Geoffrey Tim

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