Razer’s modular PC concept is both beautiful and bananas

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One of the best things about a PC is that it’s upgradeable. If you’re a tinkerer, there’s no greater joy than opening up your case and shoving in a newly acquired bit of hardware and then benchmarking your games instead of actually playing them. If you’re not the sort who likes to fiddle though, upgrading is a daunting task. Razer’s new concept PC makes it all a much more elegant and streamlined process – by making the thing modular.

Called Project Christine, the concept would allow just about anybody to build and upgrade their own PC, very nearly automatically and on-the-fly, without having to know the slightest thing about how computers actually work. You won’t even have to unscrew a single side panel, as everything just about slides in and synchs automatically through the magic of PCI express.

It’s more a rack than a traditional PC tower, and would allow users to throw in up to four inter-connected GPUs, multiple SSD and RAID drives, cooling units, control panels, input and output modules and a whole other whack of odd accessory. Of course, the big drawback here is you’d have to use Razer’s branded components, sacrificing the open nature of PC components, and also paying that Razer premium.

You can read more about Christine at Razer’s site, and get a better understanding of how it might work by watching the video below. It’s sexy as hell, but if it is all as proprietary as it seems, it would be doomed before it began.

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Last Updated: January 8, 2014

Geoffrey Tim

Editor. I'm old, grumpy and more than just a little cynical. One day, I found myself in possession of a NES, and a copy of Super Mario Bros 3. It was that game that made me realise that games were more than just toys to idly while away time - they were capable of being masterpieces. I'm here now, looking for more of those masterpieces.

  • Admiral Chief in Vegas

    Yeah you said it, very cool, but can only imagine the price…

    • Unavengedavo(aka. MadeYouLook)

      But there is not case that you can pimp out and customize

  • FSR

    And IMO Razer’s build quality has done nothing but decline in the recent years…

    • Admiral Chief in Vegas

      Well my Diamondback is now going on 9 years, and still rockin!

      My KB is also a few years old, not a single day of issue there.

      To be fair, have not purchased recent Razer tech in last 4 years…

  • Alien Emperor Trevor

    Christine? Isn’t that the killer car from one or other Stephen King novel?

    • Haaaaaaave you seen the header image? 😛

      • Alien Emperor Trevor

        Yes, I was just too lazy to Google for confirmation. 😉

  • Dean

    That looks all well and fine but will it come with a tropical fish tank module? Or a mini fridge?

    • Admiral Chief in Vegas

      I can do with a mini fridge in mine tbh

    • VampyricSquirrel Monk

      I want the coffee maker module… that’s activated with a shortcut key.

      • Dean

        And if we get the ‘Premium’ edition, it should come with the added Ouma Rusk dispenser.

        • Admiral Chief in Vegas

          OUMA FTW!!!

          • SaintsRowNigri

            Promiscuous Granny?

        • VampyricSquirrel Monk

          Ouma Rusks, Coffee and Nutticrust cookies

    • Devourer of Small Bunnies

      Espresso/Triple Distilled single malt whiskey on tap.

  • Unavengedavo(aka. MadeYouLook)

    Speaking of building a PC… I seriously need to build myself a new one, there are way too many games that I am missing out on

  • Devourer of Small Bunnies

    Ya know, I saw this a bit earlier and I thought to myself “What exactly is the difference between this and owning a normal PC?” I think its valid. Barring the fact that yeah, you dont (probably) need to worry about free PCIE slots, or even what chipset you are running on, but for a company specific modular machine? i dont see the point. How much “PC know how” is being removed? You still need to make sure you have enough power for a bigger or second gpu, to upgrade your cpu you would need to know what you running before getting something more appropriate or bigger. The reasons why PC’s are SO CONFUSING (even though they not really) is that its the little details that matter. Things like the size of the cahce, the amount of CUDA cores, weather I have a system capable of doing TressFX or Physics.

    It doesnt look to me like razor is simplifying anything. Yes ok, cool, now I dont have to open a case to install new hardware. And? What? Is that it? Unique “caseless” mobo? Erm. I dont see how this benefits anyone. Folk who are concerned about upgrading usually have the know how as well as the XP to do so. So who is this aimed at? It cant be your lower end “mainstream” clientelle, as they more than likely get other people to do their handy work, and are advised when and if an upgrade is necessary. Hardly ever is the issue of a slow PC ever fixed by “upgrading” anything. It cant be aimed at enthusiasts or gamers because, lets face it, if you have any kind of xp playing PC for any number of years, you have more than likely had to open up the beast with no name to clean out muck in a fan or replace some ram.

    So then who? Who is this marketed at? Dont get me wrong (being my usual cynical self) but surely you cant create a product for a market that doesnt exist?

    • Devourer of Small Bunnies

      In fact, a beautiful comparison, if you want to learn to play guitar, you buy a guitar and Rocksmith, not a plastic guitar shaped controller and Guitar Hero.

    • SaintsRowNigri

      This can help, if you, like me, have excruciatingly dumb fingers. I promise you, screwing in a screw (Not, not shagging in a screw) can turn into a battle for me.
      But, as Geoff said, that Razer premium is going to be steep. Plus, the chaps at your local Matrix PC shop will gladly do the labor involved in your upgrade for free, if you bought the components from them.

      • Devourer of Small Bunnies

        Yeah exactly my point. Maybe theres more to this than they are leetting on. i do like the idea of the watercooling unit being built into the PSU and such types of innovation. Theres lots that can benefit, but “Christine” as a viable product? No. Not this late into the race.

  • Rags

    For those who can’t build a PC.

    Here is a challenge for you:

    • CodeName Tailgunner

      Wow thats easy

  • HeniQpotter

    Oh Christine though heartless bitch, Loved that movie.

  • Eetcarr

    Header Image Win!

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