It goes without saying that the gaming headsets of today are masterpieces of design, engineering, and audio quality. The Redragon Pandora 2 is…not one of those bleeding edge devices to wrap around your head, instead offering a budget price with admittedly budget results. And that’s fine! Good technology costs an arm and a leg, and not everyone has access to the funds necessary to pipe Dolby Atmos-powered 7.1 surround sound directly into their cerebellum.


For a headset that succeeds at nailing the basics of what a gaming device should do, the Reddragon Pandora 2 is up to the task at least getting that much right. Out of the box, it doesn’t look too bad either: Big juicy grills that light up like Goku charging a beam attack, a long braided cable to plug into your device of choice, and some aesthetically-pleasing leatherette materials hide its cheaper price point.


On your head, some of the cheapness does seep through though. Despite the fact that I’ve got an ego which regularly eclipses the sun whenever I walk past, my moderately-sized noggin did feel a tad bit crushed by the rigid plastic arm of the Pandora 2, while the headset material felt a touch too porous for my liking.

The bendy arm for the microphone didn’t have much flex either, while the braided cable can be a nightmare to navigate as its both an analogue and a USB setup. Does that give more options to users? Absolutely, but it does make navigating it a messy affair. As for the audio, the headset is equipped with 50mm audio driver and “intelligent extreme bass” that drives home a more average output.


While the audio is clear enough, don’t expect to recoil from phantom pain whenever a bullet pierces you inside of a game or a heavy sword blow connects with the steel of a dread foe. The overall volume is acceptable but hardly capable of deafening you and any 2.0 channel surround sound features are barely noticeable. The microphone is also capable of delivering your vocals, but it does suffer from an otherwise condensed and tinny transmission of your speech.


All of this adds up to a headset that’s the epitome of dead average. And that’s fine! As mentioned above, headsets of this quality level aren’t meant to wow you, they’re meant to be low budget replacements or devices that come in handy when there’s no alternative around. With a tighter budget and lower standards, the Redragon Pandora 2 H350 succeeds at providing that entry-level into gaming that’s affordable.

Last Updated: February 3, 2021

Redragon Pandora 2 H350
At the very least, the H350 looks good when all its RGB motors are up and running. While Redragon's budget headset won’t wow you, it does at least manage to hit a comfortable middle-ground for affordability and functionality.
Redragon Pandora 2 H350 was reviewed on PC
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