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Return to a simpler time with the Solid State Watch

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Watches used to be fairly simple things that told the time could be an alarm – and that was about it really. Thanks to the arrival of the smartwatch though that simplicity has gone out the window and that simple time-piece is now central to practically everything you do serving as a fitness tracker, calendar, weather reporter, wallet and even answers the calls for you if you so need. They are useful devices that can work wonders when integrating with the technology around us.

It’s complexity that is probably too much for some people to handle which is probably what has led to the creation of arguably the simplest digital watch ever made, called the Solid State Watch. Instead of giving you a multitude of features and options, this new devices strips away all options entirely, Including the ability to set the time, switch on a light, set an alarm or even change a battery when it runs flat (which reportedly will take around 10 years to do so).

That’s correct, if you are used to all the features of a watch today, you could argue that this device is entirely useless. Though with all of that protection, it is unsurprisingly completely waterproof. Not that you can see it under the water due it to its lack of a backlight.

Still, there are people that long for a simpler time and this device is currently on Kickstarter hoping to find people of a similar ilk who want a watch purely for what it was built for – to tell the time. Though I suspect that they may run into several problems because at the cost of $160, the device is not much cheaper than your typical Swiss Watch which does exactly the same and looks cooler and if you do want to go the digital route, there is also the famous Casio F91W-1 which will sell for like a tenth of the price and still offer more features.   

Last Updated: February 26, 2020


  1. BradeLunner

    February 26, 2020 at 16:20

    Yea I don´t get the value proposition of this!


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