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Apple may not include a power adapter with its cheaper 2020 phones

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Remember how the tech world collectively lost their minds when Apple decided to release a phone without an earphone jack? It was ludicrous at the time although in hindsight, Apple was just preparing the world for wireless earbuds which it knew would eventually take over the world. It was a feature that few thought they could live without and yet Apple found a way of making it work.

If a new rumour from analyst Ming-chi Kuo (and revealed on 9to5Mac) – who has revealed a fair amount of Apple insights in the past – is anything to go by, then Apple might be prepared to remove something else from its new phones that people wouldn’t ordinarily think of living without: A power adapter.

According to the rumour, Apple is planning to stop including a power adapter and EarPods in the box with 2020 models, in an effort to reduce packaging sizes, be more eco-friendly and reduce shipping expenses. Though the more likely reason will be so that they can sell adapters to consumers at an even higher cost and simply make even more profit.

If Apple really wants to be more eco-friendly, they will instead make their devices compatible with the USB ports that everyone else uses. It is unlikely they are going to go down this route though, especially with the company finally upgrading its slow 5W USB-A adapters to an 18W USB-C adapter only last year.

Apple may be forgoing logic on the iPhones, but Kuo believes that they are developing a new 20W fast charger that will come alongside new iPad models so that at least iPad users will get a new adapter with their devices. If Apple does go down the route of not including adapters with new devices, let’s hope they can make it cheap and easy for new users to purchase adapters or reduce the price of the phones themselves.

Pipedreams, I know.

Last Updated: July 1, 2020

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