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Rumour: Nvidia could push Volta launch up to Q3 2017

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Nvidia Volta might launch this year

Nvidia has been riding the wave of Pascal success ever since it launched its first consumer cards based on that chipset in May of last year. Since then we’ve seen the usual iterative improvements and premiere releases in the line, with the GTX 1080Ti and newer Titan Xp being recent examples. But Pascal has reached the end of its lifetime, and Nvidia is unsurprisingly putting all their effort into their new architecture: Volta. And if some reports are to be trusted, we might be seeing it earlier than expected.

Reported first by MrDrivers and picked up by WCCFTech, it seems Nvidia may be moving their plans to launch Volta from a 2018 timeframe to Q3 of this year. Since the source in question hasn’t been that active in a while, it’s curious to see MyDriver suddenly pop-up with a rumour as large as this. Given their work in the past, it’s easier to assume their credibility, but it’s slim, slim pickings to go by solely for now.

WCCFTech investigated further, checking any changes to the Zauba database that is often used to search for recently added shipments of chips and parts. Nvidia over the years has become better at hiding these given the ease at which websites were using it to leak new cards, so it’s no surprise that nothing’s popped up. That does also mean that the suggestion of Volta coming this year might be all smoke with no fire – there’s no real way to know.

It wouldn’t be entirely unfounded though. AMD are gearing up to launch Vega in and around that timeframe, so this could be a shrewd move by Nvidia. AMD won’t be attempting to compete with Volta at that point, so a brand new generation of architecture could certainly take the wind out of the sails of their launch. Whether Nvidia needs to bring forward a hardware launch that drastically just to compete on two different fronts is not immediately a giveaway, but it’s not entirely impossible either.

Volta is expected to bear the GTX 20XX naming moniker and launch in the expected variations (GTX 2080, GTX 2070 etc). Volta should also introduce new High-Bandwidth Memory 2.0, along with improvements to the GDDR5X memory present in the more enthusiast Pascal cards on the market.

Last Updated: April 20, 2017

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