Rumour: Xbox One GPU up-clocked

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If you pay attention to specs, you might be well aware that on paper, the PlayStation 4 is the superior machine. It’s got a slightly faster GPU, and is capable of more raw processing power than Microsoft’s machine. According to rumours, the Xbox One may have received a GPU clock speed bump in response.

Earlier rumours suggested that the Xbox One was getting a 12Gb of RAM, giving developers a ton of memory to use on top of the 3Gb that the system’s operating systems use and that it would be getting a faster GPU clock. Random forum post on the internet are generally not viable sources of information though – so this new one, by the slightly more credible Examiner adds a bit of credence to at least some of the rumour.

They say that the Xbox One’s GPU will indeed be on the receiving end of an upgrade, with its clock getting a 100Mhz increase -  something that’s been in the pipeline since the Ps4’s reveal, saying Microsoft has  "been reacting to Sony ever since the first leaks of both systems." Third parties, apparently, are unaware of the increase because Microsoft likes to "actively spread disinformation to 3rd parties just before reveal to prevent leaks."

They say, however, that the bump in RAM hasn’t been confirmed at all. 

"I have heard nothing like that,” their source says “the development kits have 12GB of RAM, but as far as I know the retail kits are locked in at 8GB."

If either of this prove to be true, would they make you more interested in buying Microsoft Xbox One?

Last Updated: July 10, 2013

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