For console gamers one of the most important, and often overlooked, aspects of gaming is the screen where all the 1080p goodness (or 900p goodness for those gamers) appears. But really how much difference does a good TV make?

Unfortunately we are all at the mercy of the almighty Rand ($) and when we are looking at saving a bit of cash it is really tempting to opt for the no name brand TV that can spit out 1080p with no problem and, as the guy in the store always tells you, the screen comes from the same factory anyway. I’ve gone through most of my adult life in that manner and never really been disappointed with my house brand Soniq or D:Sign TVs. they work perfectly and if you don’t know much better then it doesn’t hurt.

And how wrong I was.

Picture Quality

Samsung sent over one of their Smart TVs for review, the Series 6 H6200 40” to be exact and from the moment I turned it on I was addicted.The H6200 is an LED TV which Geoff informs me is the same as an LCD TV really (with LED backlighting) but if, like me, you previously hated the LCD look then don’t worry. It’s got none of those weird fake colour issues that I always found plagued LCD TV’s and the colours and crispness were totally off the chart.

During the review period I played a ton of different games, watched a couple of Blu-Rays and most importantly watched some HD sport which was always the bane of previous LCD TVs. Absolutely everything shone on this TV; the sport was crystal clear with no ghosting or pixellation whatsoever. Blu-Rays have finally become something that not only videophiles can drool over. I mean let’s be honest. The layman out there never really understood why certain people went nuts over Blu-Ray and that’s because most TV’s just didn’t give them the kick tey deserve.

A prime example is we were watching The Great Gatsby when family arrived and they were convinced this TV was a new 3D TV where you didn’t need to use 3D glasses because the picture just appeared to have real depth. But it was simply the great clarity of the picture. The TV can handle 3D with a pair of optional active glasses and I’m sure it’s wonderful, but I have a running hatred with 3D glasses and the whole 3D  fad so I’m not marking it up or down for that. I just hate it – and the 3D here isn’t particularly good, with far too much motion blur for anything to really “pop.”

Featuring a 200Hz Clear Motion Rate , which is Samsung’s software driven method of fluffing up the screen’s refresh rate. As is typical, leaving this option on leads to a bit of blur as it’s really just a 100hz screen. It has excellent colour reproduction and rather wide viewing angles. I’m happy to report that the blacks aren’t crushed, and that colours are still vibrant even in dark scenes, particularly if you disable the dynamic contrast. One of the reasons for the excellent black levels is the relative lack of backlight clouding, which is something you’d usually see in what’s essentially a mid-range screen.

Important for gaming folk, input lag is barely distinguishable, provided you’ve turned off all of that post-processing nonsense by switching to game mode. It’s also worth noting that the speakers on this – as is usual for thin screens these days – are pretty poor, so you’re better off grabbing a soundbar or external surround speakers if you can.

Look and Feel

TVs, thankfully, have moved away from trying to be design objects that people obsess over to rather being windows into the entertainment world, and this one is no different. If you can’t mount it they give you a pretty standard stand that looks nice and elegant and is easily ignored but the TV works best mounted where the exceptionally thin frame can melt into the background and the window into the world simply blends into your wall.

Smart TV

The H6200 is yet another Smart TV which comes packed full of applications and a dashboard to navigate to watch YouTube and if you live in supported countries then also Netflix, Hulu and the like. Personally I found the dashboard to still be clunky and slow compared to what I experience on iPad or laptops so I’m not sold on that entire idea and when I was told I had to upgrade the software it definitely irritated me. You can use it for Skyping, showing photo galleries and streaming from your supported media centre but to be honest I’ve never felt the need for any of that and it just feels like extra gimmicks on the side.

As far as connectivity goes though, you’ve got the entire gamut; built in wifi and ethernet, plus wif-fi direct for transferring your videos and pictures to the big screen.

Give us the Stats

So the last time I reviewed hardware I was told it was too bloggy with not enough stats, so here you go.

  • Resolution – 1920 * 1080
  • Picture Engine – 3D HyperReal Engine
  • Clear Motion Rate – 200
  • Dolby MS10
  • DTS Studio Sound
  • Auto Volume Leveller
  • Sound Output – 10Wx2
  • Twitter, Facebook, Skype
  • Web Browser – And looks beautiful in it
  • Face Recognition and Motion Control enabled
  • LAN and Wifi included
  • HDMI 1.4
  • Picture in Picture
  • 8Kg without stand

Last Updated: November 18, 2014

Samsung 40H6200 TV
So it’s got a great picture some extra little goodies and it looks sexy. Is that really enough to pay an extra few grand over the cheaper options out there? Absolutely 100% yes, this is easily the best TV I’ve personally experienced and while 40” is a bit small for my personal taste I’m definitely going with the Series 6 or 7 as my next TV purchase without a shadow of a doubt.

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