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Samsung introduces a new tennis-ball like robot assistant that can proactively meet the needs of its owners

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When we think of robots assisting us in and performing tasks for us, we don’t particularly think of robots being empathetic in our needs and being able to proactively assist us with no need for us to command it of them. Samsung has unveiled a new robotic device at CES which they claim through the use of artificial intelligence recognises the intentions and needs of people in a household and gets the technology to do things for them.  

The device, called Ballie, is essentially a robot shaped like a tennis ball, not too dissimilar to ones we have seen from Sphero. The magic lies not in its physical technology, but rather the artificial intelligence that drives it. Samsung hasn’t provided too many details yet on how exactly the device determines different actions or which devices it can connect to just yet, but did release a nifty little video of how they envision their device to add value to the average home, from switching on the TV to closing curtains, switching on the microwave or activating a smart vacuum cleaner if you’re rich enough to ever afford one of those:

I like this though, in reality, I can see the Ballie getting in the way of people and causing injuries everywhere when people accidentally step in it while it moves from room to room. It also wouldn’t survive in my house because this thing would get chewed up by my Jack Russels in no time and there is no way it can outrun them.

Still, their concept provides a nice glimpse of what the future could like in a smart home featuring a series of interconnected devices. The company has not revealed when they believe the device will be ready for market nor what it would cost. Give the technology show here, it might be a while before we see it coming out with a serious limitation on actions when it does first release, with a companion app to set up and provide certain rules or settings. Not to mention probably costing a fair amount too, medical bills aside.

Last Updated: January 9, 2020

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