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Samsung shows off new foldable and rolling displays

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We’ve known that Samsung is working on a range of innovative product designs, like a duel folding phone and rollable displays, but now we finally get an opportunity to see what some of these designs might look like. Samsung Display has unveiled some of the new concepts behind display technology at the ongoing Display Week exhibition (as reported by SamMobile).

Perhaps its boldest idea belongs to what the company calls the S-foldable, a bi-fold design that opens up to a maximum screen size of 7.2 inches. The design is similar to the existing Galaxy Fold template, but with an additional fold bough into the mix that makes for a bigger total surface area when unfolded. The overall design shown off here makes it all look rather elegant and seamless, although it’s worth noting that this is still just concept technology and is no indication of whether the design will look like this once it’s ready for release I must say that I prefer this design to Samsung’s current model as it just means one screen that gets folded up, rather than a phone with two screens essentially, which feels a little unnecessary.

Samsung also showed off some different concepts, including a 17-inch foldable OLED that is tablet-sized when folded and can function as a monitor when unfolded. There is also a smartphone-sized screen that can roll up into something far smaller, with the touch screen controls feature a narrow, but tall design, with the rest of the display folding out based on your needs. It’s similar to designs we’ve seen before, but my guess is this technology may still be several years away from becoming mainstream.

Lastly, the company also showed off a more traditional laptop design that doesn’t flex or fold in any way but does feature an under-display camera with practically zero-bezel size, making it look quite impressive and something which I can see making its way to laptops in the near future.

It is great to see the innovation of this type in the display space as it gives us perhaps the best idea of what future devices will look like. Samsung is one of the leaders in this space, even if some of the quality of the different folding screens – along with the ridiculous prices – leaves a lot to be desired. Still, as this technology improves and becomes cheaper, expect future devices to start making use of design concepts like these.  

Last Updated: May 19, 2021

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