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Stephen Totilo from Kotaku has been chatting with some Windows Phone 7 guys from Microsoft about the gaming ability of the upcoming mobiles and how they will interact with our current Xbox Live experience.

The entire article is a nice read for all those who are interested but the key points I took out from it are as follows.

  • Every mobile game can offer 200 achievements which will be put onto your current score
  • The games will most probably be separate so what you buy on the Xbox won’t be playable on the phone.
  • No voice chat
  • Messaging and viewable avatars will exist

They demonstrated an asynchronous checkers match which had one player making a move and then when your opponent has time he moves and then it’s your turn again… which I guess shows that the games will be state aware and will store settings on a server somewhere.

The next game was a 3D action sci-fi shooter that apparently only took 4 weeks to develop using XNA 4.0 and then a fighting game.

Click through for more details and we will continue to update you on when we can expect these phones to land locally.

Source: Kotaku

Last Updated: March 11, 2010

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