Like most big new tech, The PlayStation 4 will actually be sold at a a bit of a loss, losing Sony a bit of money with each console sold. they’re hoping to make up for that loss by selling you more things.

According to Eurogamer’s sources, Sony’s expects to make a $60 loss on each PS4 sold for $399 – Information which they then confronted Sony Japan executive Masayasu Ito with during an interview.

Denying the figure, Ito said that the loss would be mitigated by the fact that most users would pick up some accessories, a game, and most importantly, a PlayStation Plus subscription. as you may or may no recall, a PS= sub is now required for online multiplayer gaming, making the service a little more like Microsoft’s Xbox Live Gold. Only with more free games.

In fact, Ito expects the company to actually turn a profit at launch. If they manage to sell through the 5 million units they’re expecting before the end of FY2013, and everybody who buys a PS4 buys a game and subscription, that could well do just that.

Are you buying a PS4 at launch, and if so – what will you be buying with it? I\m grabbing a unit, but I haven;t made any game commitments yet; the launch titles just aren’t all that appealing, though I do think I’ll probably pick up Killzone: Shadow Fall at the very least.

Last Updated: September 20, 2013

was reviewed on PC

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