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Sony reveals bigger Xperia Z5 range, with a ridiculous 4K smartphone

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Sony reveals Zperia Z5 range

Despite their sales not always being a good indicator, I think Sony really have one of the best smartphone lines on the market. Previous Xperias have been fast, durable and battery efficient to the point of embarrassing Apple, all wrapped up in a slick and attractive design that always catches the eye. The same, it seems, goes for their brand new Xperia Z5 range, which comes with at least one ridiculous model.

As always, there’s little to pick apart from the now three phone strong line-up. The Z5, Z5 Compact and Z5 premium all feature the same innards – the same Snapdragon 810 64-bit processor powering all three and nearly the same amount of RAM across the board (the Compact gets 2GB, while the bigger ones get 3GB). All three are dust-resistant, waterproof and have 32GB of expandable internal memory (by means of a standard MicroSD card). Also, they all have a brand new 23-megapixel camera, which Sony says has the fastest laser-autofocus on the market.

So how is it any different I hear you so eagerly asking? Well, to be frank, it really isn’t that much at all. The Z5 looks mostly the same, runs a little faster and carries a beefier camera – which is the standard blueprint for year on year upgrades. What is new though is the built-in fingerprint scanner with the power button, which will finally let you unlock your phone in a flash should you need to.

That’s where the Z5 and Z5 compact call it a day, but the Premium has its name for a reason. With it, Sony is cramming the first 4K display onto a smartphone, with a mind-blowing 806 ppi on the larger 5.5-inch display. It’s absurd, and will likely suffer from the same issue 4K TVs have still. Most content will have to be upscaled, meaning the 4K won’t actually be put to good use most of the time. Worse still are questions around how a display like this will suck your battery – with LGs 2K displays on their phones already proving that it’s a bit of an issue.

Those sorts of questions that will only really be answered when the phones hit market later this year. And don’t worry – that chrome finish is reserved only for the Premium model (in case you find it as appalling as I do).

Last Updated: September 3, 2015

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