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Sony sells 14.8 million PS4s in FY 2014 but not a lot of smart phones

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Sad kaz

Sony makes some excellent electronics. Obviously the PS4 is fantastic, but their phones are arguably the best devices you can get if you like Android. Unfortunately for them, while the gaming division is climbing, their phone division is bringing down the whole company.

Being successful in the current market is really difficult, but Sony has blown everyone away with sales of the PS4. According to their announcement, they’ve sold 14.8 million PS4 units during the fiscal year of 2014 as well as 3.3 million portable consoles. So no, the Vita isn’t doing too well, but the PS4 more than compensates for it.

Unfortunately, as an overal company, Sony is struggling. It lost 126 billion yen, despite the fact that the Game and Network Services division brought in a positive result by 48.1 billion yen. Where is the setback? Apparently in the mobile division.

It was by far the company’s biggest black mark in fiscal 2014, making an operating loss of 217.6 billion yen following a ¥176 billion ($1.47 billion) impairment charge from the smartphone and tablet business, and restructuring costs from the sale of the VAIO PC unit. While things shouldn’t get that bad next year, mobile is still the only core division that Sony is expecting to lose money, forecasting a 7.1 percent slip in revenue and an operating loss of 39 billion yen.

It’s hard to make money in the mobile handset space these days unless you’re Apple. I feel bad for Sony – it’s hard to have such great devices and still not make money from them. At least the gaming side of things is going well. How much longer until they sell off the mobile division? Sad sad days for Android fans.

Last Updated: April 30, 2015

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