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Spotify and Warner Music agree to an expanded global licensing deal

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Spotify and Warner Music agree to an expanded global licensing deal 2

Spotify currently provides one of the best ways for experiencing music today, and at a very affordable rate as well. It’s a fantastic platform for many different people to discover new artists while also getting to enjoy a wide variety of music from bands that they already enjoy. The thing with music on Spotify though, is that it can’t exist without being licensed from the major record labels. After all, someone needs to be paid for the music that gets made even if, sadly, not enough of it goes to the artist themselves.

And it was looking for a while as if Spotify would lose out on a licensing agreement with Warner / Chappell Music (Warner Music Group’s publishing arm), one of the biggest record labels in the world, over Spotify’s expansion to India and issues concerning music rights and royalties in that particular market. Thankfully, it appears the two companies have been able to seal a deal that works, as both companies signed an agreement that allows Spotify to use their music globally across all existing and new markets:

Spotify and Warner Music Group are pleased to announce a renewed global licensing partnership. This expanded deal covers countries where Spotify is available today, as well as additional markets. The two companies look forward to collaborating on impactful global initiatives for Warner artists and songwriters and working together to grow the music industry over the long term.

We’ve already seen that music streaming is actually having a positive impact on the overall revenues in the recording industry which has been altered drastically with the introduction of music platforms and digital sales. Hopefully, this new partnership will only serve to expand on that effort and allow listeners to still have a wide range of music to choose from while also giving the record company some more money to give back to the industry.

Last Updated: April 3, 2020

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