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Square Enix committed to mobile development, not neglecting console

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I think I have battered woman syndrome when it comes to Square Enix. Back in the day, Squaresoft consistently released games that I loved. Lately, there have been a bunch of duds and weird statements from Squeenix that make question if they know what they’re doing. But clearly that didn’t mean any of those bad things now that they’re saying good ones, right?

Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda talked to Famitsu about the company’s future plans. As Siliconera translated, it isn’t just about porting games to mobile devices:

Not just ports of games, but for example, the Final Fantasy series has Final Fantasy Agito in development for smartphones. For other franchises, too, we’re thinking about working on past titles and new ones [for phones].

It could be quite cool to see new IP and companion apps from Square Enix in the future. They certainly know how to develop for handheld devices, why not go beyond ports and make their mobile games something unique and worthwhile?

Meanwhile, even though mobile games are a core part of Square Enix’s ecosystem, they are still developing for consoles. They aren’t forgetting about their core titles:

Domestic development will not be completely devoted to just smartphone devices. For high-end devices such as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, we will continue focusing on them with our “flagship” titles. We’ve already announced Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III, which our domestic studios are working on, and our foreign studios are working on a sequel for Tomb Raider.

I’m certainly excited for Final Fantasy XV, and glad to hear the sequel for Tomb Raider. Although I’m even more psyched for a sequel to Sleeping Dogs. Now that will be something extra special from my old favorite publisher.

Last Updated: December 13, 2013

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