SteelSeries looks you in the eye with Tobii EyeX

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Pro-gamers have a ridiculous amount of mental agility. To make hundreds of accurate clicks per second and all that – it’s pretty impressive. Now, SteelSeries is teaming up with Tobii to bring gaze-tracking technology to the equation, and it’s seriously futuristic. But it’s not just for eSports – you can even use your eyes in Skyrim.

Here is the video from Tobii and SteelSeries that shows off the technology:

For the non-video inclined among you, the video spends a bunch of time showing off people raving about how this is the future and the technology is so great. The most interesting part comes when the developer shows off Skyrim and StarCraft. Using gaze-tracking, you can look at the bartender in Skyrim, and they will nod at you – you can even nod back because there is head tracking, too. In StarCraft, you can use the mouse in conjunction with the gaze tracking to move more quickly and precisely around the map, or interact with your units.

The technology is still new – the video seems to be geared more towards potential developers rather than future consumers. That said, there could be some really cool uses for it. I would like it if games could pick up on when my phone rings and I get distracted from gameplay and paused automatically. That said, I already struggle with First Person games; I tried again over the holidays to no avail – I still get awful motion sickness/nausea no matter what I do. I imagine that gaze tracking could cause some serious motion sickness for people if they use it as camera control. Then again, maybe it will be more intuitive than using the mouse – almost like real life.

The Tobii EyeX will be released in the middle of 2014. I wonder if it will be allowed for eSports, or will be yet another new technology that is seen as giving an unfair advantage. How it would show when spectating – you can already watch pro-MOBA players with mouse clicks on to see exactly where and how often they click their mouse; how would it work if they were able to use their eyes for controls, too? Whether or not it’s banned on the pro-level, it’s certainly a nifty piece of tech.

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Last Updated: January 6, 2014

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