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Take a selfie with your digital pet with the new Tamagotchi Pix

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Pets are a great source of love and affection for many of us. But what good is it just owning a pet, if you can’t capture those special memories with them in the form of selfies? After all, if it’s not on social media, does it even exist?

Sharing experiences like this is not something that can be shared with a digital pet though, but that is something which Bandai wants to change with the launch of the new Tamagotchi Pix. A regular Tamogotchi device that little ones continue to love and adore, but with an added built-in camera that allows you to take pictures with your digital pet. No, this is not April first, and I am not making this up.

The enhanced Tamagotchi features a broken egg-shell design which acts as a shutter button that allows you to take a picture of yourself or your family that is saved locally, with your Tamagotchi of choice inserted in to be a part of the special memories.

The devices do not support Wi-Fi or Bluetooth though and have a rather unusual way of how you can interact with the pictures on the device via QR code called “Tama Codes” where you can share the pictures with others. It is a little bit confusing, and it is not clear if it will feature a cable where you can download the pictures and actual share through other mediums or if all interactions will utilise this rather bizarre sharing option.

The new Tamagotchi will also feature new touch-based buttons and some new gameplay features, including activities like painting, cooking, and ordering food for delivery. Quite frankly it’s a miracle these things are still popular in a world filled with far better digital games, but I guess kids will never tire of something that is a little more physical in for and that they can keep with them. Now with added memory capturing too.

Last Updated: April 23, 2021

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