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The Advantages of Printing Checks Online

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Advances in technology have altered how we access entertainment and do business. For example, the Electronic Transactions Association reports that 56% of check writers produce checks electronically yearly. A bank, third-party website, or biller transacts over eight billion bills a year, and that number grows each year. 

The reported number of online bill payments reflects both private and business accounts. Considering the sophisticated processes available today in every aspect of banking, every bank account user should avail themselves of the many benefits and convenience of printing checks online, from a company like Smart Payables.

What Check-Writing Entails

There is more to writing a check than simply filling in the blank spaces:

  1. Spending time in a quiet place to concentrate would be best to avoid making mistakes. Unfortunately, reviewing for accuracy is a time-consuming process.
  2. There is a need to ensure enough funds to cover the check.
  3. Additional time is required to check the “pay to” spelling is correct and have invoices or time cards on hand to ensure the right remittance amount. 
  4. The check writer must update the bank register to adjust the available fund balance. 
  5. A copy should be filed for documentation in case the check is lost. In addition, accountants should maintain the check information for end-of-the-year tax information. 
  6. Finally, ensure enough blank checks are available for the account to pay subsequent bills. 


When it comes to printing checks online, whether for business or pleasure, here are ten significant advantages to printing checks online:

1. Increased Savings

Expenses used on supplies are saved and increase disposable funds. For example, business laser checks printed online which are blank, cost approximately five cents.

Pre-printed checks purchased through your financial institution can cost as much as a dollar each. In addition, with check printing software, you won’t need new checks printed if you want to change your address or any other information. And no waste. There are no unused pre-printed checks that need disposal.

2. Eliminates Chances of Losing Files and Possibilities of Errors

Fire, flood, or accidental disposal are all possibilities that can cause the loss of paper records. When payors write checks online, they are stored indefinitely in memory. With advanced encryption technology, all data is secure from end to end. 

Many banking clients negatively impact the account through incorrect entries in the check register. Many are simple arithmetic errors carrying the balance forward or forgetting to enter a check deduction. Online check writing eliminates any miscalculations.

3. Eliminates Filling of Blank Checks Manually

Time is money. When an individual hand writes payroll, the process is arduous. However, once the initial check is programmed online, which takes less time than handwriting a single check, a single click reproduces the check information for every subsequent check.

4. Tax Time Report Generation

Another time-consuming yearly requirement requires information about the checks written in the tax year. Again, sifting through handwritten receipts and photocopies to garner totals is stressful and time-consuming. However, a few clicks in less than five minutes produce any report required for tax or any other purpose. 

5. Check Fraud is Easier to Control

There are numerous safety features to ensure the security and validity of a check printed online. Some security features come standard in the check shock purchased for the laser printer. In addition, online users can add some elements online. 

A few of the convenient security features include:

  • Temperature-sensitive ink (thermodynamic ink) indicates tampering by color change.
  • A unique watermark visible under the light identifies a valid check.
  • Personal or company identification micro printed on the check border with magnification.
  • Hidden images display an image when photocopied or scanned. A typical image is “void.” 
  • Wash detection boxes change color with tampering by erasure, water, or acids.

6. Overnighting Checks is an Easy and Simple Process

Every personal, business, or payroll payment aspect is simplified. Direct mailing and tracking documents and keeping copies saves time, money, and stress. Retrieving check information is simplified.

7. Legibility 

A frequent issue when an individual writes checks by hand is legibility. A significant advantage of writing checks online is that every piece of information on the check document is precise. Printing online prevents manual overwrites and alterations.  

8. Confidentiality 

An ongoing concern with any business transaction is confidentiality. Paper records are much more vulnerable to illicit review by unauthorized viewers. The levels of security embedded into writing checks online give a level of confidentiality beyond what manually written checks can provide. 

9. Marketing and Branding 

Unique checks and mailing envelopes that promote your business or represent your individuality increases business performance. Personalized branding is another security feature that makes duplication more difficult.

10. HIPAA 

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (more info) compliant security is an advantage for the healthcare industry (see CDC). The additional ability to include preprogrammed notes on a reimbursement check is valuable and promotes trust.  

Money Management Software

When you print checks online, another advantage is using money management software. Many programs are available, including Online Check Writer, Checkeeper, and Smart Payables. Many programs, like Smart Payables, only charge an initial, one-time set-up fee. After the program is up and running, the only charges are for the checks, tax, or other forms generated. There are no ongoing service fees; the only costs are for what the company prints. 

Additional services utilizing online check printing can include marketing. Every opportunity to expose the unique characteristics of the sender increases sales and reputation. Including black and white or colored inserts into mailed checks elevates the company’s or individual’s professionalism. These additional personalized materials serve to reinforce the check writers or business image. 

Staying Competitive: Keeping Pace

As technology alters how banking does business, keeping up with the times is necessary. Handwriting checks and manual bookkeeping belong to a past generation. More time is required to manage the future to stay competitive and current. The time, energy, and stress saved by online check writing can be better used to further business and personal interests. So start enjoying the advantages of printing online checks today.

Last Updated: June 12, 2023

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