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The Impact of Mathematics on Programming

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Having great math skills is very vital for your success in programming. Programming is quite interesting, especially for students highly interested in the tech field. You will likely succeed if you work hard and have the right attitude.

But learning programming is never a lap of luxury. Complex mathematics is involved, especially when dealing with algorithms. For many years, there has been a heated debate about the impact of mathematics on programming. So, what’s the impact of mathematics on programming?

College algebra

College algebra math includes concepts like quadratic equations, factoring, radicals, operations and exponents. With a clear understanding of college algebra, it will be easier to use different algorithms. The algorithm is a set of instructions that demonstrates the implementation of a program. Computer algebra is used to experiment and design different formulas used in numerical programs.

Studying mathematics is very promising for young software developers but sometimes challenging. You need to do a lot of practice with math examples from different online services. If you find it challenging to solve quadratic function questions, you can find answers online and free of charge on PlainMath. This free service shares answers to various complex math problems with students. Ensure you take time and go through the solved solutions to understand how to use them without seeking help on the same concept. 

Binary math

Binary math is the focal point for most programming functions, representing every number inside the computer. That’s why it’s referred to as the primary language of computing systems. Inside the binary system, the binary number consists of a series of eight bits. The position of each binary digit determines its decimal value. Binary math is quite simple, but you need to practice a lot.

Most simple functions in binary math are very vital for low-level hardware programming. In this numbering scheme, there are only two possible values for each binary digit. It can either be 0 or 1. These values are the basis for binary code used in programming. With this code, computer systems can understand the operational instructions and your input and give out the expected output.


In calculus, you will study continuous change. You will examine different alterations as values change and measure the rate at which the change happens. Calculus includes integral functions and the properties of derivatives. It’s utilized in programming areas like simulations, visuals, or graphs and in designing algorithms.

Depending on the programming language that you are using, you may not find yourself directly applying calculus. That’s if you are using programming languages that have in-built libraries. To build these libraries, you need a little knowledge of calculus. These libraries contain sets of functions used to perform functions like mathematical operations.


Computer programmers need to study statistics as they will likely need this knowledge in their careers (more details). Applied math, a branch of statistics, specializes in data and computational mathematics. With knowledge of applied math, you will easily analyze and tabulate data. The analytical skills gained in statistics are vital for finding and fixing errors in your programs.

There are programming languages that are designed with in-built libraries for descriptive statistics. Using these libraries is advisable if your data sets are not too large. This makes your work easier as you don’t have to create libraries. If you are good in this field of mathematics, then video analysis and speech recognition will be a walk in the park.

Discrete mathematics

Discrete mathematics is the foundation for computer programming, according to Uchicago. Have you ever heard about graph theory, probability, logic notation, or set theory? These are all parts of discrete mathematics, the basic foundation for computer programs. That means being good at discrete mathematics can impact the rate at which you will learn your favorite programming language. Concepts of Boolean Algebra are highly used in programming logic gates and databases.

Discrete mathematics is mainly used to analyze objects that can be portrayed finitely. Knowledge gained in this math is very vital for solving complex computer programs. You will learn how to evaluate your programming work. Chances are that you are likely to make errors during your daily activities. As long as you can assess your work and find the errors, you will find it easy to handle programming challenges.


The impact of mathematics in programming is great. Different fields of mathematics will teach you valuable skills that are essential in programming. As long as you are good at math and have a great interest in computer science, you will likely succeed in your work.

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