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There may be PS4 shortage on the horizon

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You’d imagine, in these troubled economic times, that people wouldn’t have the expendable income to go about shelling out for an expensive console all willy-nilly. But that’s happening; enough that the PlayStation 4 is selling out all over the place. Sony’s warned of a looming stock shortage of the system, and it’s something that breaks their heart.

In the latest edition of the PlayStation Blog’s Podcast, Sony US boss Jack Tretton Acknowledged that Sony may be unable to keep up with demand.

“You have competition out there,” Tretton said (via IGN). “There are lots of things that people can spend money on, especially during the holidays; and the holidays only come around once a year, so that’s really when you want to take advantage of the market opportunity…It breaks my heart if somebody’s got $400 in their hand and they want one and we can’t sell them one."

Tretton insists the shortage isn’t an artificially manufactured one to create demand; the company took months to produce the million consoles that sold out on the very first day of availability. 

While the shortage seems to be US specific, we’ve seen reports of the console selling out everywhere, including here in South Africa. It’s worth noting that stock from the distributor is sold out, an there may still be one or two PlayStation 4’s available at retail right now. We’re also, apparently, getting in another batch of PS4’s right about now, that should be in retail stores by this weekend, giving you one last chance to secure a shiny PS4 before the holidays.

Sony’s European boss Andrew House affirmed last month that the console will be in sufficient supply over the holidays, but that was before the thing started selling. He may well have changed his tune.

Last Updated: December 18, 2013

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