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There’s a weird GTA V bug on PC that’s preventing people from playing

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Grand Theft Auto V is finally out on PC today (yes, it really, really is) and for the most part, it’s smooth sailing. The game works as advertised for most people, offering smooth and fluid gameplay that surpasses the 30fps you’d find even on the newest consoles. For most who’ve been playing it, it’s been a great experience. For others? Not so much. There’s a weird little bug that’s preventing people from downloading or installing GTA V on PC.

It all has to do with your Windows user account name. Those who have any nonstandard alphanumeric characters in their Windows accounts have been locked out of the game.

Players who’re trying to grab the game from Steam from a Windows account which includes characters that deviate from the alphanumerical are experiencing issues downloading, installing and attempting to even play the game.

Both Valve and Rockstar are already aware of the issue and are working to fix it. In the interim, but Valve has opted to advise gamers that they can either create a new Windows profile to play from temporarily, or use the service’s self-refund tool, which will remain active until an official fix becomes available.

In related news, both Nvidia and AMD have updated their drivers to add support for GTA V on PC – so get downloading if you want the game to perform at its best. You can grab AMD’s latest beta drivers here, and Nvidia’s latest GTA Game Ready driver over here.

Ever wondered why nearly every major game gets new drivers shipped alongside it? A former Nvidia driver engineer explains here.

Last Updated: April 14, 2015

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