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There’s an Oculus boob-grabbing game because of course there is

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We already know that Virtual Reality is quickly becoming the new home for pornographic and otherwise wholly unsavoury bits of digital entertainment. And now there’s one that combines the Rift with other technologies to give you a game all about groping boobs. Because of course there is.

Yes, some bright (and quite possibly rather lonely) spark has cobbled together a virtual reality technological chimera for the sole purpose of virtually feeling up a digital girl’s boobs. In a video posted (Via Rocket news) on Japan’s version of YouTube,  NicoNico Douga, user Ryuto shows off a demo of a VR boob squeezing game he’s made, featuring an anime lady.

It’s been done by smashing together the Oculus Rift VR headset, a LeapMotion pressure sensor, and programmable Arduino control board. To make it just that little bit more tactile, Ryuto appropriated one of those jokey, cushioned, gel-filled large breasted mousepads with the sensor placed in it.

Now while there’s nothing at all wrong with sexuality – and it frightens me that we live in a world that sees more horror in virtual naked people than in real world violence – there’s a certain creepy element to this, as Ryuto’s definitely putting the sensual in to nonconsensual; as you can see, the virtual lass recoils at his attempts to cop up a feel.

If you like, you can see it all in video form here…just try not to feel slightly dirty afterwards.

Last Updated: September 16, 2014

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