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This is (probably) the new PS3

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Recently, reports have come in that Sony intends on releasing a new, even more trimmed down version of the PlayStation 3 – just as it did towards the end of the PlayStation 2’s life cycle. The rumours have been given a little credence, in the form of pictures – and a Brazilian regulatory filing.

There are some significant changes to the hardware; it’s firstly – and rather obviously – smaller, with a ridged surface. It also looks like the disc-loading slot has given way for a cheaper, more traditional top loader – reminiscent of the original PlayStation and the slimmed down version of its successor. According to the filing with Brazil’s telecommunication regulator Antel, the new PlayStation 3 will come in three hardware configurations; 16GB, 250GB, and 500GB.

The most interesting thing there is the 16Gb model; if true, it’s easy to assume that it would be aggressively priced – taking a stab at the budget HD console market that the Xbox 360 – with its core and arcade models – has had a firm grasp on. It could also finally mean that the HD consoles could be nearing the all-important mass market price; drastically increasing the number of consoles in the wild – and quite possibly giving the ailing video game market the shot in the arm it needs.

If the pictures and filing are true (and there’s little to lead me to believe that they’re not) then it’s quite likely we’ll see Sony announce a new, cheaper PlayStation 3 revision at Gamescom next month – giving all you PC and Xbox 360 gamers a pretty compelling reason to pick one up so you can actually play The Last of Us instead of just moaning about it.

Last Updated: July 16, 2012

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