This is the most beautiful PC gaming case that I’ve ever seen

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Asus ROG

Not all PCs are created equal. In the pursuit of extra terra-floppy discs and more General RAM (See, I can talk PC), enthusiast builders pull out all the stops in order to build something…unique. Maybe you’ve got imported liquid nitrogen pumping around your hardware. Maybe your PC is capable of running the Large Hadron Collider. But nothing beats a first impression, which is where case design comes in. And Asus may have a winner on their hands here.

Meet the Asus Republic Of Gamers PC gaming case. Before I wax lyrical, here’s a Vine of what makes it so special:

Not only does it look minimalistically beautiful, it’s applying all manner of charm to that particular part of brain that is used to store Batmobile information. Built by In Win according to The Verge, the case was designed to open up like a flower and expose all the sexy hardware within it. It all activates at the push of a button, as the case reacts like a fresh rose would, if said rose was a Decepticon from the planet Cybertron.

Now I’m not certain just how useful such a case is, especially when it has enough lasers inside to help kick off a rave concert, but hot damn, I’m in love. Asus says that the case will be ready for purchase, around Q3 for this year. I truly dig it. It’s a fun case, something outrageous and ostentatious. And it looks perfect for me to hide a few more Kit Kats inside there, which I hope won’t mess with the internals in any way whatsoever. Click the source link above, to see a ton more pictures of the case in action.

Last Updated: June 2, 2015

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