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Twitter makes it easier to continue old threads with new tweets

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Twitter may be a convenient way of letting people know your random thoughts and following those random thoughts of others, but it’s not always the easiest when you want to try to link your different random threads together. Now, the company is making a few UI tweaks to make it easier for users to join and continue old threads, as the company has revealed through a tweet of their own:

The “continue thread” feature, will essentially allow a user as they are composing a new tweet, to pull down view of past tweets and threads into their composition windows and choose to continue with them should they wish to do so. The “continue thread” option is made available by clicking the three dots menu in the older tweet. Far more convenient than trying to search through your own feed looking for those old threads.

It’s a simple update, but one that many will probably find useful. As someone who doesn’t tweet much, I won’t use this feature, but I can imagine for the many of you who like to tweet regularly and keep your diverse threads together without people thinking you have a schizophrenic breakdown with ho you are jumping between thoughts without context.

The new feature is reportedly (according to TechCrunch) only available to some users on its iOS app, with the company looking to roll it out to more users over time and eventually bring the feature to its Android and native web platforms over time.   

Last Updated: February 25, 2020

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