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Twitter’s testing a Tweetstorm feature

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Twitter is a strange platform. While it’s great for sharing a quick thought, it’s completely rubbish for getting across any sort of nuanced or verbose point, thanks to the 140-character limit.

To mitigate that, users have taken to tweetstorming; chaining multiple messages together so that they come together as a cohesive thread. An unnecessary fiddly process can easily go wrong when trying to get a heated message across. It looks like Twitter is trying to simplify that, with an unlaunched feature that’s waiting in the wings.

Screenshots of the feature were shown off by Matt Navarra, Director of Social Media for The Next Web, via Twitter.

As it stands right now, to chain your own tweets in to a tweetstorm you’d have to reply to each one in succession. This new, unlaunched tool would allow you to compose the entire thing as a thread beforehand, and send it out in one shot.

Twitter regularly plays around with new features, though many of them are never publically released. Right now, this is one of them. It appears to be functional, but remains unlaunched.

On the one hand, it would simplify the process of creating engaging and insightful Twitter threads. More likely, it would just mean floods of pointless and inane Twitter monologues and rambling.

Twitter’s toyed with the idea of increasing the character limit on its service before, but I feel that would just remove both its point and its charm; there’s something to be said for brevity.

Last Updated: September 11, 2017

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