Ultima’s not forever

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Should have made it from Diamondsh.

Ultima Forever was announced in 2012, and was proposed as modern take on Richard Garriot’s beloved RPG series. The free-to-play mobile online RPG has been operational for just a year – and now EA’s set to pull the thing down.

“While the past year has certainly been quite the adventure – in Britannia and beyond! – that adventure is now drawing to a close, as the time has come for us to say goodbye,” says a spokesperson on the game’s forums.

Because EA’s shut down Mythic, the studio responsible, the game’s servers will be shutting down permanently on August 29, rendering the game unplayable. It also means any of those who’ve spent any money in the game will be losing that “investment” forever. Such is the nature of free-to-play games, and there’s always the inherent risk of a server shutdown. What you don’t generally expect though, is for the game to go dark after just a year of service.

“This was a very difficult decision for us to make,” the spokesperson continued.  We’ve seen the game through ups and downs, and hope that you’ve enjoyed playing it every bit as much as we had making it!  Through it all, it’s been players like you who’ve made it all worthwhile.”

As a bit of a “thank you!” to players (as well as a bit of a “sorry!”), the following changes will be implemented in the game until the switch is flipped for the very last time.

  • Significantly boosted Virtue and Reputation rewards
  • Equipment degradation to be disabled (no damage to worn/equipped items)
  • Increased drop rate of Gold keys
  • The in-game store will no longer sell premium currency (Silver and Gold keys)

That particular forum post is closed to comments, but I imagine if it wasn’t it would be filled with expletives.

Last Updated: August 5, 2014

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