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Upcoming Stadia features “are going to blow people’s minds,” says developer

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We haven’t really heard very much about Google Stadia since its soft launch last year. Sure, it works well enough when there’s proximity to its servers, though there’s definitely more latency than any serious gamer would like. Of course, that’s not really the point of Stadia is it? It’s all about being able to jump in and play a game without having to use a dedicated console or PC, and being able to jump between devices on the fly.

One of the problems with the soft launch that it had though, is that many of its promised features are still missing. Beyond that though, are some planned, yet unannounced features that according to at least one developer, will impress. Right now, Stadia has a single exclusive, in Tequila Works’ Gylt. According to Tequila Works CEO and creative director Raul Rubio, Stadia is a bit like Steam in its early days right now, and it’s not just going to get better, it’s going to “blow minds”

“My view is subjective of course, it cannot be objective because I have been inside, and I know there are many features that are super cool that are not active yet,” Rubio told GI.Biz. “So let’s have this conversation in one year I guess.

“People are totally right to be wary. It’s a new technology; historically streaming solutions didn’t work. I think it’s the time, in a sense, in that the technology is there and the audience is there, and to be honest the content wars are here… [Stadia] has a lot of potential, it hasn’t reached its full potential yet. I think that was never the idea with this small soft launch. I know that they are working to make it better every day. I know it’s going to get better, because there are a few features that are going to blow people’s minds.”

Of course, we’re still waiting to hear about whether or not Stadia will launch in SA anytime soon.

Last Updated: January 16, 2020

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