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Video of Microsoft’s Surface Duo in action surfaces

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Microsoft may only be launching their dual-screen device, The Surface Duo later this year, but the company has already given the device over to certain employees to test internally before it releases the device globally. Though, given Microsoft’s aversion of brining the Surface devices to Africa, that global phase might be a little restricted. Anyway, thanks to the actual Surface Duo being out in the open and in the hands of developers, somebody in Vancouver was able to film the device in use in the hands of what one could only imagine is a Microsoft employee.

The clips in this video show several useful features that could be coming with the Surface Duo in both dual-screen and single-screen mode with the ability to play certain mobile games possible in single-screen mode with the controls at the bottom of the screen. Browsing the internet reading and in general being more productive looks to be the order of this device and if the final product functions as well as his short video shows, then Microsoft may have a winner on its hands and not need to worry about the typical screen damage problems that folding devices bring.

It’s worth noting though that this is not an official video and likely could’ve been doctored for the sake of publicity. There is also no definitive confirmation that the device is a Surface Duo other than that it matches everything we have seen about the product thus far. Still, I would give this video the benefit of the doubt as it also shows a few unfinished gesture animations, which s reminiscent of a device in development. It may also admittedly be out of hope that this device could really be that amazing.  

Last Updated: February 12, 2020

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