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Watch Halo 5 streamed in to thin air with Hololens

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The Virtual Reality Revolution is coming. Whether you like it or not, VR is the next big thing in video games. I’m keen on using the technology more than the limited experience I’ve had with it at trade shows and the like.

While I know that the technology works as intended, and I believe that there will indeed be a great many worthwhile VR experiences, I have a hard time believing that the tech will take off as much as those selling it would like.

Something I do think will actually be a more viable technology though, is augmented reality – much like Microsoft’s seemingly magical Hololens. Once again, I don’t think its use for videogames will be all that expansive, but it’ll get use outside of that realm, and like VR, be used extensively in the medical and engineering fields. One aspect of Augmented Reality that I’m quite keen to see though, is the technology being used to replace traditional screens.

What use would you have for a physical desktop monitor if you could just project a virtual one in front of you? It sounds like futuristic space magic, but it’s one of the things about the technology that actually works. And now, one of Hololens’ engineers has show it off, streaming Halo 5 (using Windows 10’s Xbox Streaming) in to space.

“Wish you could take Halo with you everywhere you go?” asks MS engineer Varun Mani rhetorically. “Now you can with HoloLens”

That’s pretty amazing. The only problem with this tech, is that right now, it’s not economically viable in the slightest. Development Kits are shipping out next year, but at an eye-watering $3000, that’s just beyond the reach of the average human. Of course, that doesn’t mean the retail version will cost anything near that – but it’ll still likely be too damned expensive.

Last Updated: December 2, 2015

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