We attended the Acer Mancave event and proved to be gentlemen

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Johannesburg has been a rainy mess for the past few days. It was the perfect weather though, as Geoff and I, accompanied by a very lovable Wookiee, headed deep into Hipsterville (44 Stanley). Acer were hosting an event showcasing their latest technology at a venue they had kitted up to be reminiscent of the perfect man cave. Darts, foosball, golf, craft beer… What more could we ask for? We settled in to see what was on offer.

As you’d expect, there were all manners of laptops and netbooks, and even some mobile phone devices. The best on show for me was easily the Aspire Switch 10. It’s a netbook/tablet hybrid, and man is it sexy and light. That pretty 10.1” screen can be detached easily, allowing you to decide exactly how you want to work. It’s marketed as having 4 different viewing modes – type, display, touch, share. Essentially, it’s just different ways of utilising the screen. It can be attached backwards and forwards, or detached completely which is perfect for mobility.

What we didn’t know at the time was that the Switch 10 was up for grabs, along with some other goodies. We were tasked with doing the various activities on offer, all for some points. Thankfully, before things kicked off, Geoff and I spent some time warming up with foosball. He said he hadn’t played in a long time… SURE!

Anyways, we eventually got around to playing the games on offer. Geoff dominated in foosball, while Garth dominated in racing (a short segment in TrackMania Canyon). I on the other hand, am a more refined gentleman, which meant I dominated at not only darts, but the golf too. I sunk that little ball with one of my 3 allocated shots, giving me many much needed points.

For bonus points, and we were good at this, we had to taste beer as well as take a “super” selfie. For the latter, our team leader lady instructed us to use a laptop and tweet it to the official Acer Africa account. The funny thing is, being the innovate and sneaky bastards we are, we had already done that on arrival, meaning we had two unbelievably sexy shots of our handsome faces.

Once everything was complete, the points were calculated. I ended up tying with somebody for 2nd place, meaning we had to go through to a tiebreaker. Thankfully, it was settled in foosball, something which Master Geoff had schooled me on earlier in the day.

I won! I wasn’t going to win a Switch 10 sadly, but I won something that I am equally happy with – the Aspire V11 touch. It’s similar to the Switch 10, except that the screen can’t be detached. Still, it has a touch screen, and the specs are fantastic for such a compact and light device. One of my favourite features is that it is completely fanless (somehow… I don’t know how that sorcery works). Another of my favourite features is that it can actually run Dota 2.

Thanks to Acer for a fun day out, as well as the awesome laptop. I really needed one, so I really appreciate it!

Last Updated: November 13, 2014

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