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What Free Software Is Like DocuSign?

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DocuSign is one of the most popular electronic signature apps in the world. According to research by G2, it’s currently the market leader, and is favored by multinational enterprises and mom-and-pop businesses alike.

But is it the best solution? And how does its free plan stack up to alternatives

Advanced e-signature functionality is usually only available on paid subscriptions. But if you have a light document workload, a free plan might be suitable for you. But it’s important to keep in mind that some options are better than others. 

In this post, we’re going to look at what DocuSign offers and evaluate some of the best “forever free” alternatives. 

What Is Electronic Signature Software? 

Electronic signatures are legally binding digital marks that are affixed to documents to show approval of a set of terms. There are different types of electronic signatures. For example, digital signatures are highly secure and rely on complex encryption infrastructure.

Electronic signature software makes it possible for organizations to request signatures from clients straightforwardly and cost-effectively. A typical app is used to upload documents, add digital signature fields, send documents to clients, and track their activity. Advanced platforms also provide additional tools like document editors, pre-written templates, workflow automation settings, and more. 

It has become increasingly common for organizations to rely on electronic signature apps because they streamline document workflows, which in turn cuts down on the amounts of financial and human resources required to create and approve documents. 

E-signature solutions are also referred to as contract lifecycle management (CLM) apps, says Adobe

Does DocuSign Offer a Free Plan?

Yes. DocuSign offers a free plan. However, the “free edition” does not allow you to send documents to clients. It can be used to approve documents uploaded from your hard drive or that you have received from other entities like suppliers and merchants. Free users can also access previously-signed documents from the DocuSign interface. 

Free E-Signature Platform Alternatives to DocuSign: Top Four Picks

Here’s a quick rundown of four of the best free alternatives to DocuSign:

  • PandaDoc – PandaDoc is one of the web’s leading document management and electronic signature solutions. It offers what is arguably the best “forever free” plan on the market. With a “Free eSign” account, you can collect an unlimited amount of signatures and store all of your documents securely. Users can also take advantage of integrated in-document payments and the PandaDoc mobile app. 
  • Adobe Sign – It is possible to set up a free Adobe Sign account. However, this option is aimed at recipients of contracts sent by others using a paid version of the service. It only allows users to see the documents they have signed, not to send documents for signature. 
  • Sign Well – Sign Well is an electronic signature platform aimed largely at individuals and small businesses. All of its plans are reasonably priced, which makes it easy to upgrade if you need additional functionality at a later date. Its free plan allows users to send three documents a month and includes notification features. 
  • Eversign – The free plan from eversign is capped at five documents per month. Interestingly, users also receive two SMS credits for two-factor authentication for signers and limited access to API automation. The plan is likely meant to fill the role of a trial but may be suitable over the long term if you only expect to send five or fewer documents every month. 

Last Updated: March 13, 2023

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