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WhatsApp’s new carts feature allows you to buy items directly from your chats

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Apps may be popular with many people and see use by hundreds of millions of individuals, but their value to companies is only found when they can use that popularity to start gaining some form of profit. And for Facebook’s WhatsApp, that value lies in leveraging the messaging platform to allow companies to communicate with their customers more directly by using a variety of different business tools embedded into the service.

Facebook is ready to take its Whatsapp monetisation to the next level, with a new shopping carts feature that will allow users to buy items from various companies directly from inside the app:

WhatsApp might not be known as a shopping platform with most people, who use it purely for personal communication, but given the company’s big push to get business to leverage its tools to stay in contact with customers, it only makes sense that they look to try and make some cash on the sales front as well.

The company is still early in its migration to becoming a major shopping destination with only a few countries supported and its payments feature not widely integrated with many banks around the world. No doubt Facebook will work on that and further push to make the platform profitable.

And obviously, knowing what you buy will just make their own advertising across all their platforms even more lucrative.

Last Updated: December 9, 2020

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