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Yeah, but can it run Crysis?

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Last week, the nutjobs at PC Gamer built the craziest computer, something they’re calling the Large Pixel Collider – and you’d probably need to take out a loan to build it. 

The PC in question is filled with the top of the hardware crop. You’ve got an Intel Core i74960X Processor, which runs in at just over $1000, or R13920 if purchased locally. for memory, there’s 64Gb of Corsair Dominator Ram, which would run you just under $750 or R8000. Primary storage is the $515 Corsair Neutron 480Gb SSD (R6150 locally), while a 4TB drive gives space for games.

But what about the actual graphical power? It’s got four Nvidia Titans running in SLi. At $1000 a piece, that’s $4000 just on GPU’s. Locally, you’re looking at at least R50 000 for the graphics cards alone. You could probably posit that the 780ti’s would offer more bang for buck, and in real-world scenarios actually perform better – but the point of the LPC is to run things at ludicrous resolutions, which the Titan and its larger memory accomplish.

Not even factoring in the 1200w PSU or the motherboard, this thing would cost you around R100 000. Or 16 PlayStation 4’s. Here’s how it got built.

Last Updated: November 19, 2013

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