You won’t need a new monitor for G-Sync soon

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G-Sync becoming a free update?

Nvidia’s G-Sync technology is astounding, and looks like it will deliver on obliterating screen tearing from PC gaming for good. The problem is that right now you have to shell out a ton of cash for a compatible monitor, or at the very least get fancy with the company’s DIY kit. It’s a pain, and Nvidia probably knows that – which is why they’re getting rid of the high requirements for good.

At least that’s what a recently leaked driver seems to suggest. Someone has managed to mess around with the new internal driver (346.87), which was leaked by ASUS Nordic Support, and found some interesting hidden G-Sync features. Tweaking these has allowed the graphics card using the driver to implement G-Sync on most eDP(embedded DisplayPort) monitors, without the need for the G-Sync model at all. In short, it’s G-Sync directly through software.

That’s a very different approach to what Nvidia and most monitor manufacturers have been taking in recent months, and could spell the end for the need to upgrade your monitor at all. Right now the leaked driver only adds support for some Notebook displays, but Nvidia have confirmed that the software is still in very early stages of development. At the very least this means they’re working on drivers to support a wide range of monitors in the near future.

If you’re still in the dark, G-Sync is a new process that eliminates screen tear, input lag and stuttering nearly completely, syncing your game perfectly to the refresh rate of your monitor. Not only is it extremely important for competitive gaming and eSports, PC gamers in general will experience smoother gameplay with the technology enabled, with none of the performance hit.

It’s revolutionary, and the idea that I won’t have to break the bank for a new monitor to get it working is a sweet symphony to my ears. Now that it’s public knowledge, I fully expect Nvidia to start talking about their G-Sync plans in more detail soon.

Last Updated: February 3, 2015

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