Jonah Hill tells a true story

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Jonah Hill has been picking up some accolades and praise ever since he dipped his feet into a more dramatic role, as seen in Moneyball, with the slimfast actor even earning an Oscar nomination.

And for his next role, Hill is going to be teaming up with James Franco for a crack at crime drama that happens to have some truth woven into the tale.

True Story will see Hill play Michael Finkel, a worker on the New York Times Magazine, who reported on the FBI capture of criminal Christian Longo in 2002, who Franco will portray.

The twist though, comes in when it’s revealed that Longo had been using Finkel’s identity while trying to evade the feds, while Finkel himself had been fired from the NYT after the publication discovered that he had falsified several pieces of information in a recent magazine feature.

With Finkel blacklisted in the industry, things looked bad for the former journalist, until Longo revealed that he would only discuss his story with Finkel, in terms of a newspaper story, which resulted in a friendship growing between the two men.

Brad Pitt will be producing the film through his Plan B company, while Rupert Goold directs. There’s no financing available yet, but the combination of Pitt and Hill should be more than enough to secure some cash for this project.

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Last Updated: February 28, 2012

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