New Guitar Hero commercial references PenisGate

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Lenny kravitz guitar hero

Oh Lenny Kravitz, I don’t know why I still find you adorable, but you seem to made entirely of charisma and piercings. No, really, in case you didn’t know, there was some drama a few months back when he played an event and split his pants open, revealing some rather intriguing jewelry in places where men don’t always wear jewelry. Of course he embraced the joke, and so did Activision in a new ad.

Guitar Hero is about to make a comeback, perhaps like Mr Kravitz, and assuming my hand- on time with the game was actually indicative of the final product, it’s going to be a rather addictive party game again. Of course the game would have to be as charismatic and charming as a combination of Lenny Kravitz and James Franco, so they are channeling both of their energies into this new commercial.

I know, it’s just a short clip that focuses primarily on the joke about PenisGate, but I still find it rather amusing. In the end, Guitar Hero is just a fun game to play when you get together with friends who will invariable spend most of the time trying to throw you off your game with random inside jokes. That’s what this ad is showing, right? It’s a party game that’s supposed to give some big laughs, and I guess I can imagine Lenny Kravitz and James Franco partying together.

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Guitar Hero will feature a cool first-person campaign mode as you take your band on tour and work your way up through a range of gigs. There’s also going to be a streaming service, though, and I’m curious to see how it works for us here in South Africa before I get too excited – not that I have to worry about it the way Mr. Kravitz does.

Last Updated: October 5, 2015

Zoe Hawkins

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  • Grand Admiral Chief

    I wonder where JJ is…

    • Commander JJ of the Normandy


      • Grand Admiral Chief


  • WitWolfy

    Lenny Kravitz high as fuck replaying his own songs on a plastic controller and shit..

  • Hammersteyn

    Hopefully is makes a better comeback than Tony Hawk.
    *Looks at the Skrllex song….

    • Mark Treloar

      Lenny Kravitz supporting lost causes.

      • Hammersteyn


    • Darren Peach

      Tony Hawk is worth 300 million Dollars. Still, As a hero of mine and a game franchise I loved to play back in the day, This is somewhat shameful. I reckon even though he is rich as hell, He should still be pissed at this lackluster attempt.

      • Hammersteyn

        Agreed. If my name was on the cover of such a product I’d be miffed

  • Darren Peach

    A genre in gaming that makes no sense to me. Why buy plastic controllers and pretend you are a rock star when you can go buy the real thing and jam with your like minded mates. I suppose you could have the same view of sports games, Another Genre I find sucky ( Soulless). The closest thing to sports games I like are racing games. But you can’t exactly go and just get a Le Mans Prototype car at your local sports car shop and quickly fly to Germany for the weekend and go do a few laps around the Green Hell.

    • Alien Emperor Trevor

      Because I could pretend for a few minutes with friends, and have fun. It’s not something I’d ever want to play SP though, and I’ve got no interest in learning to play a guitar.

      • Darren Peach

        Fair point. I guess my doubt stems from the fact that when I was bunking school to play Doom, I never would have imagined gaming would evolve to a point where people would have this sort of variety. Wonder what we will have 25 years from now ?

        • Alien Emperor Trevor

          Well I game on PC, so I’ll probably be playing GTAV then. 😉

          • Darren Peach

            Your reply somehow made me think of the theme song of “The Wonder Years”. Bizarre.

          • Commander JJ of the Normandy

            Excellent. Then I can also consider getting it

      • Commander JJ of the Normandy

        You’re always pretending. ;P

    • Commander JJ of the Normandy

      I feel quite the same. Though I do understand why people play Guitar Hero. With friends, just having fun.
      I just wouldn’t.

  • 40 Insane Frogs

    Please new Guitar Hero… be as terrible as new Tony Hawk (Pretty please…!). Some accessories and trends deserve to remain on the scrapheap of history.

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