Star Trek: Discovery lands its new captain

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As Critical Hit’s resident Trekkie I have a bit of a confession to make. I haven’t felt the slightest bit of excitement for the upcoming Star Trek: Discovery. Now there are a few of reasons for this. Firstly I didn’t like the way they ended Enterprise, a show that was greatly underappreciated and suffered from quite a few external forces that killed it. Secondly, I was hoping it was going to be set later in the canon’s history, perhaps 50 years after the events of Deep Space 9 seeing as the political landscape had changed so much; with new alliances and new threats mixing things up. Lastly it takes place a decade before the first series, which I think misses an opportunity to explore the extensive lore in a long-running format while at the same time revisiting territory Enterprise explored. However, that said I am actually rather excited now with their latest addition to the cast.

I’m excited because one of the big things about Star Trek has been the strength of the Captain. The caliber of the actors has almost always been excellent, with notable exception of Shatner. Sorry, never been a huge fan of his melodramatic acting and off-screen misogynist rantings, sue me internet! Now that Jason Isaacs (Harry Potter, The OA) has joined the cast of ST:D (they REALLY needed to think that abbreviation out huh?) as Captain Lorca I am quite hopeful at least the acting will be stellar (heh). That being said he isn’t going to be the lead character. That role falls to Walking Dead’s Sonequa Martin-Green, who will play ‘Number One’ (a role Jonathan Frakes owned in Star Trek: The Next Generation).

ST:D (ha) is out in May as the first exclusively created show for CBS’s All Access channel. I truly hope they manage to capture the spirit of Gene Roddenberry’s vision, I think this generation (ha) needs one!

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Last Updated: March 28, 2017

Nick Reay

I have been an avid fan of movies ever since I discovered Santa Clause wasn’t real, a day marked in my memory by my first viewing of It’s a Wonderful Life, which wasn’t so wonderful that day. Since then I’ve watched thousands of movies and even fooled my parents into putting me through uni to get a degree in the subject. I first started writing as a journalist for The South African Newspaper before moving onto communications for an NGO trying to save the planet. Unfortunately my recommendations to the CEO that we should all don rings imbued with the powers of earth, fire, wind, water and HEART went unheard. Now I pretend the end isn’t nigh by hiding in movies.

  • Original Heretic

    Number 1 is also a rather unfortunate moniker for the 1st Mate. Suppose it’s better than being called Number 2.

    • Haha. As was ‘Fire at Will’ 😉 But why captain!?

      • Original Heretic
        • HAHA! Are you excited about it?

          • Original Heretic

            What, the new series?

            Hells yeah! I’m a huge Trekkie. The only series that used to annoy me was Voyager, but even that had the odd good episode here and there.
            But I do agree with Nick, though, seeing what would have happened after DS9 would have been cool.
            But i do understand that after the movie reboot, it makes more sense to take the series back into the rebooted timeline.
            It’d be interesting to see what they do with it. With Vulcan gone, just how different is the universe?

          • Actually, they haven’t said if it would be in the movie timeline… That is what I am concerned about… Also, this is 10 years before Kirk and his team so Vulcan will still be there.

          • Original Heretic

            Aw jeez, REALLY?! I missed out that important tidbit of info, it seems.
            Well, that could still be in the timeline after Enterprise. Archer becomes an admiral, and Christoper Pike becomes captain, so for all we know it’s during his time as Enterprise Captain.
            I’ll never watching that very first episode of Star Trek (it was about 10-15 year ago), seeing Captain Pike in the chair and wondering, “Who dafuq is this oke!?”

          • I hope so. Though they have literally said ‘this is in a new timeline to all other star treks. So while Archer and Pike still may be about, they can play with the canon any old way. Which I think is sad as there is so much we don’t know about the beginning of starfleet’s beginning mission

          • Original Heretic

            They should take it all the way from the events of First Contact. Take it from Cochrane meeting the Vulcans and then earth rallying around that, putting aside all their shit and working together, forming Starfleet. watching Cochrane go from this drunken party engineer/scientist to being the figure that is respected and looked up to.
            It would be a great story.

  • Captain JJ

    Star Trek!!

  • Captain JJ


  • Captain JJ

    Shatner was excellent for the time (considering everything on tv back then was dramatic) and the original series was incredible you heathen! 😛
    Am I doing this right?

    • miaau

      The scripts are much more readable than the episodes are watchable, in my humble view

      • Captain JJ

        I’ve still enjoyed the original series the most. I started watching Star Trek from the original, so that may also have influenced it. I can imagine if you watched something like Next Gen first the old one seems very odd.

  • Admiral Chief


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