7 Reasons Why You Should Buy Burnout Paradise

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I found this article this morning giving us 7 reasons why we should be buying Burnout Paradise…. Which seems like a strange thing for an unendorsed article to be doing…

Anyway basically the 7 reasons are

  • It’s the only game this month
  • It’s better than Need for Speed
  • Open ended game
  • Online multiplayer
  • Graphics are amazing
  • It’s burnout
  • It’s bigger and better than ever before.

To be honest I completely agree with point one, we have had nothing this month so far and it’s about time for a change. I never got into PGR4 or Forza 2 but I do expect to be idiotically addicted to this game….. This is one title I am really looking forward to.

And as point 6 rightly states… It’s Burnout… my all time favourite car game.

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Last Updated: January 17, 2008

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • James

    Two reasons why you shouldn’t buy it:

    No system link support
    No crash mode.

    If you don’t want those two things, it’s pretty awesome. But after Revenge I expected solid crash junctions.

  • I was about to say, it looks like they’re focusing more on racing than destruction?

    so you’re telling me there’s no more see how much cash you can ring up in destruction?

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