American Weekly Chart – 5th April 2008

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The latest American sales figures are in and it’s another good week for the PS3 in the land of the free…

However the Wii shortage seemed to have come to an end for this week, just look at that percentage increase. Microsoft are still claiming a shortage and to be honest I have seen it here as well so I have to believe them.

Also no major sites have reported seeing a lot of 360’s in stores either

clip_image002 166,547 (+122%)  10,258,533
clip_image004 143,579 (+12%)    21,899,209
clip_image006   87,826 (+14%)    12,282,679
clip_image008   60,074 (-16%)       4,526,142
clip_image010   56,539 (-17%)      11,435,929

So the Nintendo juggernaut is still top of the pile in the console and handheld market… While the PS3 is slightly ahead of the 360 this week in the also ran department.

When we get to the software sales it becomes apparent that the 360’s attachment rate is still fantastic. To put this into context, COD4 on the 360 has sold a total of 3.9m in the States, it’s PS3 counterpart has only managed to shift 1.3m.

In total sales the Wii still pips the 360 but only just..

clip_image002[4] 994,309
clip_image004[4] 981,337
clip_image006[4] 753,922
clip_image008[4] 476,176
clip_image010[4] 291,507

I think the PSP sales also points to the amount of piracy in that industry… | American Weekly Chart

Last Updated: April 9, 2008

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • Abe

    Yea that time I got beat in the 100m hurdles I also blamed it on stock shortages!

  • hilt_ctn

    In the US has stock has stock has stock


    Makro has stock
    Kalahari has stock
    Game has stock

  • Those are some crazy figures. The 360 users are snapping up games in the US like crazy. Even the Wii is selling huge amounts of software – even if you remove the bundled title from the figures, it is still outstanding.

    RE: Gamer’s last blog post..Games I’m playing…..Part 1

  • pick npay, game, cna, look and listen, bt games all have stock

    Evilredzombie’s last blog post..PS3 Dual shock Review

  • boredhousewife

    If the nos are to be believed – Europe selling more Xboxes than NA. Thats a bit of a turnaround considering that NA accounts for 2/3’s of their historical sales.

  • SlippyMadFrog

    The above are figures of the states, not SA. Saying SA has stock means nothing to shortages in US.
    Maybe Msoft is lieing about shortages, maybe not. All that I know is if they don’t start selling consoles like crazy ,they will be in trouble.

    Did they have a stock shortage on running shoes?

  • RivaZA

    I think the 360 is done for. Looks like it’s time to move on.
    Where is the best deal on a PS3?

  • They could be, it could also just be logical…

    They just cut the price in Europe so would have directed most stock to Europe, under which SA falls.

    I still think they’re stock piling based on expectations for GTA4, but I may very well be wrong.

    doobiwan’s last blog post..’08 exclusives, the other side.

  • Fox1

    There is no stock of the 360 for the second week in Durban 🙁

  • Tan365

    I’m in Durban & managed to swop my brother’s 3fixme yesterday friend

  • Fox1

    [re=11025]Tan365[/re]: BT Games don’t have stock for the second week. Which store are you dealing with?

  • Fox1

    Incredible Connection is having a special on the XBox360 Halo Edition Console @R2999

  • Europe Hardware 29 March – 5th April

    Wii: 116 551
    PS3: 99 909
    360: 49 859

    Wii has finally overtaken the PS3 again.

    Jinja’s last blog post..Voice Actor Family

  • I truly cant understand the wii ….
    I had one and got bored in less then 2 weeks…
    why is it selling so much?

    Evilredzombie’s last blog post..PS3 Dual shock Review

  • Because it’s a “cheap” packaged toy.

    I’d bet most Wii owners own Wii Sport and Wii Play and that’s it. MAybe they’ll get one or two movie license games for the kids, but they probably don’t even recognize Mario.

    doobiwan’s last blog post..Evil Genius Conspiracy Theory: Why put a Blu-Ray player in a 360, when you can put a 360 in a Blu-Ray player?

  • *Shudders at the thought of someone not recognising Mario*

    Love you Mario.

    Jinja’s last blog post..Top 50 Soccer Goals

  • What happened to me…reminisced a bit while playing Mario galaxy…hated Zelda and showed off my wii play to a few friends…that was it

    Evilredzombie’s last blog post..PS3 Dual shock Review

  • boredhousewife

    [re=11098]doobiwan[/re]: I am not sure that is an entirely accurate assesment. The wii has more software releases that is owned by 10% or more of its installed base than the PS3.(9 vs 6/7) so clearly the percentage of dedicated gamers on the Nintendo is on par with that of the PS3. Its almost the same as saying most people who have PS3s bought it as a BluRay player and don’t play games on it.

  • I don’t have the most up to date stats, but last time I checked both PS3 and Wii had an attach rate of around 5:1.

    Considering “real hardcore” gamers probably buy 1-2 games a months, in the Wii’s lifetime you’re talking about a dozen games, say 12, for the hardcore. Now consider practically everyone has Play and Sport that means the diluted attach rate is about 3:1.

    I have no idea how to do the actual maths, but my gut tells me , that what that says is that about a quarter to a third of all Wii owners are “hardcore” gamers who are actually out buying games. Software sales figures seem to agree.

    doobiwan’s last blog post..Evil Genius Conspiracy Theory: Why put a Blu-Ray player in a 360, when you can put a 360 in a Blu-Ray player?

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