Bioshock gets 10/10 in new OXM

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Bioshock is rumoured to have gotten a 10/10 in the latest OXM magazine.

I have been unsure about this game for the past few months as I was worried the hype was going to be to much for it but it looks like it is going to pull it off.

-Inconceivably great plot
-Tough, scary combat
-Perfect location design
-Stunning soundtrack and audio effects
-Endless variety of weaponry

Doesn’t that just sound awesome? Now I am truly excited about this game.

[Update] PC Gamer rated it at 95%… Check the picture after the jump

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Last Updated: July 31, 2007

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • Ruslan

    Excellent! I have pre-ordered this baby from overseas already. Dont trust SA distributors to get this game here on the 24th, thus my reasons.

  • ocelot

    This is a definate buy. I will go for the PC version since it will probably be better.

  • Ruslan

    They say the PC version has mouse/keyboard control benefits but the AI has been notched up to counter that. IMO nothing can beat a game running on a 32″ LCD with 5.1 Dolby Digital audio though.

    A PC to counter the same performance from the X360 would have to have some nice (expensive) hardware.

    Oh, and I prefer to earn achievements too. :p

  • ocelot

    Its a FPS, much rather play it on a PC.

  • Ruslan

    Your choice. At least the console version wont worry about specs, hardware upgrades, driver upgrades, game patches, etc. Simply sublime.

  • Abn0rm4l

    The idea that FPS games are ALWAYS better on a PC is no longer true, mostly due to the fact developers have started understanding what mechanisms are needed make for an enjoyable console experience.

  • Im actually getting really excited about this game. CMON! It must hurry up and get released already!!!! AAAaaaaarrrghh!

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