Call Of Duty 7 On Route

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Mind your step cause David Kim, a senior animator for Treyarch, dropped some serious info regarding COD 7. He explained that as we speak and continue to frag our mates in older, yet still popular titles of the same franchise, he is working on his second title as a senior animator. His introductory title was Quantum of Solace.

Other rumors surrounding COD 7 are that it will be set in and during the Vietnam war. These rumors are fueled by alleged reports of Activision attempting to secure rights to music from that era. In other words… we’ll be lining-up the sights of M60’s from a Huey Chopper while listening to The Doors and screaming “BREAK ON THROUGH TO THE OTHER SIDE”!!!

Source: DailyRadar

Last Updated: May 20, 2009

  • I am not the least bit interested in Vietnam. It will be all the horrid jungle levels from CoD World at War all over again

  • Never played a decent Vietnam game,so ja,can’t wait
    if it’s true.Even if it’s just for the soundtrack :tongue:
    Wonder how they’re gonna spin the story,because let’s face
    it,they didn’t win ANYTHING in that war :ermm:

  • darthdad

    @ [email protected], try ‘Battlefield – Vietnam’.
    It’s a great game, plus the soundtrack is pure awesomeness. 😎

  • Faheem Abrahams

    Yeah but don’t forget… they may not have won but JOHN RAMBO did return from their to do FIRST BLOOD and that was too cool. oh oh and they could always follow simple short stories like Platoon or even retrieving an AWOL commander… APOCALYPSE NOW!
    I just dig Naam movies I guess… but it could be cool if you get to play as the VC and use their tunnel systems!

  • Cool. Thanx

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