You can finally get your hands on a DXRacer gaming chair in South Africa

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I am in the market for a new desk chair. I bought a fancy one a while back from Game, and it was great for a while. But the fact that I sit in it most of the day, plus get climbed on by a toddler… it’s looking rather worse for wear. In fact, I’m missing a wheel, the back doesn’t really support me like it used to and I’m sure it’s contributing to some of my chronic pain. I’ve eyed DXRacer chairs for a long time, and I’ve chatted to many other people who have done the same. But they weren’t in the country and the idea of importing seemed like too much hassle. Well, that hassle is now gone.

Megarom Interactive has announced that starting from today, you can go pre-order the DXRacer gaming chairs at Evetech. Why do you want one? Well, obviously they look cool, but even more important is this bit I’m going to copy and paste from the press release:

DXRacer chairs are manufactured to the highest quality standards. The level of comfort our products offer is unrivaled. Originally conceived to heighten the gaming experience, DXRacer has evolved to become not only the seat of choice for getting your game on, but for working hard at the office, too. No matter the activity for which you choose your DXRacer, it will take your experience to the next level.

No matter what activity I choose, eh? Must be a pretty sturdy chair.

No, really, I demolish my chairs. I don’t mean to, but I’m obviously pretty rough on them. And now I’m excited to shop for one. I might go for the Formula series – I mean, it’s not cheap but it’s not as expensive as the others. Plus, considering how much time I spend in my chair, and how much I’ve spent on pain management because of poor ergonomics with my decaying chair, I think I might come out ahead.

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Which one are you keen for? Don’t tell me you aren’t keen for any of them – I know you all sit in chairs regularly and would love to be more comfortable. They may be pricy, bu considering how many questions we field all the time grading high end gaming chairs, there’s very definitely a big market for them.

Last Updated: December 15, 2016

Zoe Hawkins

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  • Admiral Chief Argonian

    Ugh, infested with a cat!


    [grabs popcorn]

  • Those are some nice chairs, and I would love to have one. But hot damn that price is a lot xD

    • Marc O Polo

      At that price they should atleast buy you dinner first… It’s nice to be wined and dined before you get fucked!

  • Thorsten

    I would love one as well but that price and my cat’s obsession with anything leather-like mean it is not happening xD

  • Alien Emperor Trevor

    With the cheapest one being R6k…. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. No. Not paying thousands for a few extra racing stripes and marketing BS.

    • Matthew Holliday

      They are moer expensive, but its not like chairs where cheap to start with.
      not 6k expensive, but still.

  • Original Heretic

    Mon dieu!! Just saw the price of these!

    I’d rather get PS4 VR and sit on my comfy couch seat. Also good for all activities AND it’s toddler friendly.

    • Admiral Chief Argonian

      Are you a toddler?


      • Original Heretic

        I wish… My number of worries would decrease exponentially.

        Biggest concerns:
        What toy do I want to play with right now?
        Inside or outside time?
        Drink or eat?
        To poo or not to poo?
        Is my nappy too wet to climb onto the bed?

        • Matthew Holliday

          Even today, 4 of those are still HIGHLY applicable.

          • Admiral Chief Argonian

            Amen, all except the nappy

          • Original Heretic

            Wet nappy… I know, I have the same issue.

    • Matthew Holliday

      Please, those Xrocker chairs with built in sound systems for around the same cost as a ps4

      • Original Heretic

        This looks awesome! And if you get tired, it’ll rock you to sleep as well.

        • Matthew Holliday

          hadnt looked at their site in ages, the cheapest one on offer is R600
          Im now seriously considering treating myself

          • Original Heretic

            It’s Xmas. It’s the time of year to treat yourself.

  • For the Emperor!

    Looks good…but pricey. I think I will just get a LazyBoy for my gaming setup so it doubles for my TV setup 🙂

  • Admiral Chief Argonian


    • Bruce Bielie

      What she said?

      • Admiral Chief Argonian

        At least she didn’t say “deeper”
        Got that base covered

        • Bruce Bielie

          “She took one look and new deeper wasn’t an option…”

  • VampyreSquirrel


    • Bruce Bielie

      Also what she said… 🙁

  • Bruce Bielie

    R6000.00. Yes. I’ll take two.

  • Chris Summers

    Add 3k and buy a Herman Miller Aeron. 12 Year warranty, comfortable as all hell, and no go-faster stripes.

    • Matthew Holliday

      Remove 2k and get an xrocker.
      has go faster stripes and built in sound system including sub.

  • Magoo

    What are you paying for? The shape/cushion/sturdiness?

  • MonsterCheddar

    Looks like a car seat from Brakpan. No spank you.

    • Bruce Bielie

      You give Brakpanners way more credit…

  • Craig “CrAiGiSh” Dodd

    This is sad as earlier this year Evetech had the Raidmax Gaming Chair going for R3500.

    Now the cheapest DXRacer chair is R6000.

    Just not going to work out …

    • ShadowR

      The thing is the Raidmax chairs don’t compare in build quality.

      • Craig “CrAiGiSh” Dodd

        “The thing is the Raidmax chairs don’t compare in build quality.”

        Armrests – 1D
        Weight Limit – 100 KG
        Cover – Fabric

        Armrests – 4D
        Weight Limit – 120 KG
        Cover – Synthetic Leather

        Go on, tell me more how the build quality is R2500 more justifiable.

  • Thats great news for our gaming friends.. Btw guys if you want read about the reviews and some other facts about gaming chairs do check

  • Christian

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